Click Jobs in the left side menu.

Click the New Job button.

Under the Job posting tab, fill out as many details about the job as you can to attract the right candidates.

Job title: The title of your job opening. This title will be included in the URL of the job on your careers site. For example, the job “Designer (example)” will have the URL "".

Department: To categorize and filter your jobs on your careers site. Learn more about showing your jobs by departments categories and managing them.

Country: The country where the hire is expected to be based. In case of remote work: fill out the country where the original team is based.

State/Region: The state/region where the hire is expected to be based. In case of remote work: fill out the state/region where the original team is based.

City: The city where the hire is expected to be based. In case of remote work: fill out the city where the original team is based.

ZIP code: The ZIP code of where the hire is expected to be based. In case of remote work: fill out the ZIP code where the original team is based.

Remote job: Toggle this option to green if your job is for remote workers. The tag “Remote job” will appear next to this job on your careers site. The tag will also be included in this job’s posting to job boards.

Job description: The description of your job. We’ve gathered a few tips on writing great job descriptions.

Job requirements: The requirements that candidates must fulfill in order to apply for the job. 

  • Tip: Categorizing your requirements into a must-have list and a nice-to-have list will help candidates prioritize.

Job details: Fill out these fields if you want to post to free job boards and/or start a campaign on premium job boards.

Click Application form to create an application form with screening questions for your job.

Changing the language of my job posting

It's easy to translate your job posting so that it feels completely at home on your careers site. You can help your visitors apply faster with a job posting in their preferred language.

Set your primary language

You can write job posts in multiple languages. Once you have your job post translated, you can choose the primary language you’d like to display the job in. 

You can add additional languages and write job descriptions in multiple languages. See this article for how to add additional languages. 


  • Screening questions can only be added to the application in your primary language. After adding the questions in your primary language, you can also translate them into your additional languages.

  • You can't disable a language when it is the primary language that has been set for a job that is published.

Changing the status of my job posting

In the top menu, you will see more options to create and share the job. Under Job status, click the dropdown menu to change the status of your job.

Then save the current version of your job posting.

See how your job looks on your careers site without having to save it first by clicking the button with the 3 dots. You can also duplicate your job and archive it from this view.

NOTE: Some browsers might block this preview function. To enable it, click the pop-up block icon in your browser > Click Always allow pop-ups from > Click Done.

Below the Job editor, you also have:

Job's link: Once your job is published on your careers site, you can visit it via this link. You can also share this link on social media and your referrers can email it to potential candidates.

Job inbox: When a referrer or recruiter sends a CV to a job inbox, Recruitee will automatically parse the CV into a candidate profile and put it in that job's pipeline. Read more here.

Compliant with GDPR: Whether or not you are sending applicants an auto-confirmation email when they apply for one of your jobs.

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