You can get started in two ways: Click +New in the top bar of Recruitee and select Job, or go to the Jobs section and click +New job.

You will go through the five tabs on the left of the job editor, each consisting of different aspects:

Job posting

Job title: The title of your job opening.

Note: This title will be used to generate the job URL on your careers site. For example, the job Senior Designer will have the URL

Department: To categorize and filter your jobs internally and on your careers site.

Recruiter: The recruiter responsible for this job opening.

Hiring manager: The hiring manager responsible for this job opening.

đź’ˇ You can use the Recruiter and Hiring manager fields as placeholders in your email templates or senders of automated emails.

Job description: The description of your job. We’ve gathered a few tips on writing great job descriptions.

Job requirements: The requirements that candidates must fulfill to apply for the job.

Job location

Country: The country where the hire will be based.

State/Region: The state/region where the hire will be based.

City: The city where the hire will be based.

Note: Country, State/Region, and City are required fields. For a remote job, fill out the original team’s location.

Street: The street name of the job’s location.

ZIP code: The ZIP code of where the hire will be based.

Remote job: Toggle this option to green if your job is for remote workers. A Remote job tag will appear next to this job on your careers site. The job board posting will also include this tag.

Job details

These fields are essential if you want to post to free job boards or start a campaign on premium job boards.

Application form

Create an application form with screening questions for your job.


Set up the Job’s pipeline, profile fields, and Auto-confirmation email for applying candidates.


Here you can see all team members that have access to the job and add new ones.

Social media

Determine the content used in search indexes and when sharing your job on social media. Learn more about applying SEO to your careers site.


The title tag of your job.


The meta description of your job.

Social sharing image

This is the image displayed when you share this job on social media.

Click Upload new image to update the social sharing image for this job.

All done? Once you have created your job, be sure to click Save changes in the top-right.

If you’re ready to publish the job, click Publish or click the arrow next to publish and select Use internally. Learn more about job statuses.

You can now click View in the top-right to see what your job looks like on your careers site.

Each job has a unique ID that you can identify it by. You can see and copy it in the top bar of the job and filter for it in the jobs section. Learn more about managing jobs.

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