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Organize your jobs with tags
Organize your jobs with tags

Use tags to better organize your jobs

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You can tag your jobs for a wide variety of reasons. For example, tags let you group your jobs together, show which recruiter is responsible for the job, or to give jobs an internal number.

How to tag jobs

To tag jobs go to Edit > Job posting > Tag > click on the + icon. Here select the preferred tag(s) from the tags list in the drop-down menu, or create a new tag to add to the job. 

How to add, edit, or delete a tag 

You can easily add or edit a tag by visiting Settings > Tags & Sources > Tags for jobs. Click on the + New button to add a new tag or select the pencil icon next to the tag to change the name of a tag. If you don’t need a tag anymore, you can delete it by checking the tag and pressing the delete icon.  

Show your tags

If you would like to see the tags assigned to a job in the overview change the layout to the list overview.

Add the column for tags if this isn't visible for you in the list overview by clicking on the adjust columns icon and selecting tags.

You can also group your jobs based on tags.

Useful tags to create

The tags you create should be specific to your open jobs. Here are some ideas to get you started:

High priority - You might want to quickly find the high priority jobs for your recruitment team. 

Amsterdam HQ - You can also tag all jobs that need to be filled for a specific location or department.

Albin Nowicki - You might want to quickly identify the responsible recruiter.

What’s next? 

You can also tag your candidates to help you quickly find the candidates you are looking for.

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