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Show your jobs in multiple languages
Show your jobs in multiple languages
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Translate your jobs' content to display jobs on your careers site in multiple languages.

⚠️ To localize your jobs, ensure multiple languages are enabled in your company account.

Translating jobs

Add your jobs' content in multiple languages.

1. Go to Jobs and click Edit for the job you want to display in multiple languages.

2. Click Manage languages.

3. Toggle the switch next to the language(s) you want to display your job in.

4. You can now switch between multiple languages at the top of the page.

Add translations for the Job title, description, and requirements, screening questions, and auto-confirmation email. Fields that still need translations will have an orange highlight. As you add the translations, the circle next to the language will slowly fill, indicating your progress.

5. Once you’ve added all translations for the different elements, the circle will fill and appear green. Click Save.

Primary language

Under Manage languages, you can choose a primary language for the job. You can only make a language the primary language for a job once you have translated all elements.

The primary language has the following effect:

  • The job will be promoted to job boards in this language.

  • It acts as a fallback on your careers site, meaning that untranslated elements will be shown in the primary language if a job still needs to be fully translated.

  • You can only disable a primary language once you have chosen a different language as the primary language.

⚠️ If you disable a language, all the translations you added and changes you've made will be permanently deleted.

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