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Define role-based access for your team

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Establish which team members have access to which parts of your hiring process with hiring roles.

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⚠️ Creating and editing hiring roles and setting up default notifications are available in our Lead and Scale plan.

Default hiring roles

There are six default hiring roles already set up in your Recruitee account under Settings > Company > Hiring roles.


Administrators have access to all candidates, jobs, and settings and can fully manage the company's account and members. Only users with this role can invite and delete other administrators, access high-level data, and view all items with restricted visibility.

📌 You cannot edit this role.

💡 We recommend having multiple Administrator accounts to prevent being locked out of your Recruitee account if your Administrator leaves the company.

Corporate recruiter

Corporate recruiters have the same access to candidates and jobs data as Administrators. Still, they cannot delete administrators, have access to high-level data, and cannot view all items with restricted visibility.

Hiring manager

Hiring managers are involved in the hiring process from start to finish.


A Reviewer’s primary tasks are to view and evaluate candidates.


The Accounting role is best for accountants who control company subscriptions and manage invoices.


The Marketing/Design role is for users with limited access to edit the careers site.

Creating a new hiring role

1. Go to Settings > Company > Hiring roles and select + New role.

2. Select whether you’d like to duplicate an existing role or create a new role from scratch.

3. Name the role, write a description, and click Create.

4. Go through the different categories and select the permissions the new role should have.


Every hiring role that should have access to candidates must have access to Jobs > View jobs and Candidates > View candidates. If you want to give someone access to only view individual candidates, you might want to use the Share candidates feature instead.

Users with access to Company > Manage team members and roles can add new roles and users with permissions other than their own.

5. Click Manage default notifications in the top-right and follow the steps under Default notifications to set them up for this hiring role.

6. Click Save. Select Reassign existing team members or + Invite new team members to assign users to this role.

If you want to see a complete list of all permissions of this role, click the three dots on the right and select View all permissions.

Managing hiring roles

Set up default notifications, compare, edit, reorder, or delete hiring roles.

Default notifications

Choose the notifications team members with specific hiring roles will receive by default. Team members can edit their individual notification preferences and reset them to company default settings under Settings > Notifications.

1. Under Settings > Company > Hiring roles, select a hiring role.

2. Click Manage default notifications in the top-right.

3. Select default notifications for the role. You can choose between web, mobile, and email notifications. The notifications you can choose from depend on the permissions of the selected role. Click Show advanced settings to view the entire list.

💡 Click Reset to defaults to reset the default notifications of this hiring role to system default settings.

4. Click Done.

Comparing roles

1. Go to Settings > Company > Hiring roles and select Compare roles.

2. Choose the roles you would like to compare and click Compare.

3. View and compare permissions for the selected roles. Click Update roles list to change the roles you are comparing.

Editing hiring roles

1. Go to Settings > Company > Hiring roles and select the role you would like to edit.

2. Change the permissions in the categories and click Save.

If you want to edit the name or description of the role, click the pencil icon next to its name.

Reordering hiring roles

2. Drag and drop the roles into the desired order.

Deleting hiring roles

1. Go to Settings > Company > Hiring roles and select the role you would like to delete.

2. Click the three dots at the right and select Delete.

3. If team members are still assigned to the role you are about to delete, choose a new role to reassign them to. Click Reassign and delete permanently to confirm the deletion.

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