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Customize your job cover image
Customize your job cover image
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A job cover image is a background image you can set up for the header of the job pages on your careers site. You can add custom job cover images to individual jobs to visually distinguish between your job pages, for example, per department. While you set up the default cover image for all jobs in the CareersHub, you can add custom images to individual jobs in the job editor.

Adding a custom job cover image

If you want to add a custom cover image as the background for a specific job, you can add it in the job editor.

1. In the Jobs section, click Edit for the job where you’d like to customize the image.

2. In the Job posting tab, scroll down to the Job cover image section, and click + Add new image.

3. Select the image file on your computer and upload it.

4. The image is now uploaded. To check how it looks on your careers site, click the horizontal ellipses in the top-right of the job editor and select Preview changes.

5. Make sure to save your changes.

⚠️ Ensure the Job cover image toggle is enabled in the CareersHub settings (See Setting a default job cover image).

Setting a default job cover image

You can set your default job cover image when editing the Jobs details page in the CareersHub. This image will be used as the background of all jobs that do not have a custom image.

1. Go to the CareersHub and click Edit for the Job details page.

2. In the side menu, click Edit section for the Job headline section.

3. Go to the Colors & background tab and open the Backgrounds menu.

4. Open the Image layer or add an image layer via the + next to Backgrounds.

5. Under Default image, you can Change or Remove the image.

💡 If you want to add a custom Job cover image, make sure the toggle next to Job cover image is enabled.

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