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Setting up your ReferralsHub
Setting up your ReferralsHub
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Note: You need to have access to Manage Referrals to be able to enable this feature.

1. Go to Settings > Company > ReferralsHub and enable your ReferralsHub with the toggle.

2. Once the ReferralsHub is enabled, the icon will appear in the bottom left corner.

3. There are numerous tabs under Settings > Company > ReferralsHub that may need your attention when first setting up your ReferralsHub:


Edit your ReferralsHub’s URL and decide whether only certain domains may sign up to make referrals.

Select what referrers have access to under Referrer permissions.

Enabling Show rewards assigned to job offers will allow all users to see rewards for open jobs, submitted and completed referrals. Rewards may not be shown if this option was disabled when the claim was approved.

Enabling Show referral results allows users to see if the hiring process of their referred candidate is complete and whether they are eligible for a reward.

Under Referral form you can decide whether adding a referral’s email, phone number, online profile link, or CV/resume is required, optional, or hidden.


View and manage invited referrers. You can invite team members who don’t have access to Recruitee but want to refer someone or directly send them the link to your ReferralsHub to sign up. You can restrict access to your ReferralsHub by selecting email domains in the Configure tab.

Click + Invite referrers to invite team members to use the ReferralsHub. When doing this via email, it is possible to add a custom invitation message.


Create and manage rewards for your open jobs.

Click +Add reward, fill in a name, description, and photo, and assign it to a job open for referrals.

Note: Make sure you have referrals enabled for the job if you want to assign a reward to it.

Terms & Privacy

Under Terms & Privacy you can add a checkbox to let referrers accept the conditions of the referral program (it is possible to create multiple checkboxes for several conditions).

Additionally, you can add Terms and conditions as well as a Privacy policy to the ReferralsHub. You can use the text editor or add an external link.

With these settings you update the following field and footer:

Navigating and editing the ReferralsHub

Your ReferralsHub consists of three sub-pages. Under Jobs, you can see all jobs currently open for referrals and under Referrals you can follow the referrals you have made.

Under How it works, the referral process can be described so your team members and referrers understand how to make referrals and how the rewards work.

Click Edit in the top-right to customize your How it works-page.

You can hover over the logo in the top-left of the page and select to Upload a new logo or delete it.

What’s next?

Your ReferralsHub is set up, now it is time to work with referrals.

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