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We know that tracking your processes based on metrics is an integral part of hiring, so we created a selection of boards to make it easier for you.

Getting started

1. Go to the Analytics section and click Create your first board in the middle of the page or New board, once you have started adding new boards.

2. In the new window, select an existing board template from the Reports library with the menu on the left and click Use template on the right to bring it in your menu.

We have grouped Board templates into topics in line with key features and functionalities of Recruitee: Jobs, Candidates, Pipelines, Disqualifications, Hires, Interviews, Evaluations, and Careers site.

Each Board template offers different metrics:

  • Key data to highlight critical events or most essential KPIs.

  • A full-width trend report to show how things are going when looking at it through time intervals

  • Reports to expand on the summary items or provide new information

Previous essential dashboards are still available for the moment: Candidate overview, Pipeline insights*, Disqualifications*, Job overview*, and Events and evaluations*

In our Start plan, you can select any board template from the board library, but you can’t edit them once added, only delete or duplicate them.

📌 Customization and empty board creation is only available in our Scale and Lead plan.

Using the reports library

The Reports library will provide numerous reports you can add to your board as-is or customize further. On the left, you can see different categories to look through or simply search for a report directly with the search bar in the middle.

To add more reports, click on + Add reports on the top right corner.

📌Are you still missing a report or metric in our library? Submit your feedback on our roadmap.

Want to dive deeper into the data?

You can change the date range or add filters to display only Departments, Hiring managers, Jobs, Recruiters, and Talent pools with Select date and Add filters on the left.

To highlight specific numbers in your reports, simply hover over them with your mouse.

Click on the highlighted number to access a table of the data derived from this number.

Adjust the columns in the table by clicking the icon on the right.

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