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We know that tracking your processes based on metrics is an important part of hiring, so we created a couple of options to make it easier for you.

Essential dashboards

We’ve pre-built five essential dashboards so you can have important metrics right at your fingertips.

* These essential dashboards are available in our Lead and Scale plans.

Custom dashboards

Under custom dashboards, you can find dashboards you or your team have created based on the metrics that matter to your organization.

Or you can create custom dashboards visualized the way that you want, based on the reports available in our report library or create reports from scratch. Are you still missing a report or metric in our library? Submit your feedback on our roadmap.

Note: Custom dashboards are available in our Lead and Scale plans.

Legacy reports

Want to look back at a report from our previous selection? Simply click Legacy reports in the bottom-left to access them.

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