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The Careers site analytics board covers all activity on the Careers portal. It presents traffic-related data when their open jobs get some traction. How are employer branding activities paying off? Which marketing campaign channels work and which don’t?

💡 We recommend team leaders and recruiters responsible for recruitment strategy to visit this board weekly to get detailed information about candidates before they apply for a role.

📌 You can expand the report's date range in case of less frequent visits.

The board consists of key data highlighting KPIs and advanced reports to dig deeper into the data and compare more specific metrics.

Key data

The first three items are focused on key statistics about visits, whereas the last three are about applications-related statistics.

  • Total visits: Number of sessions on the careers portal

  • Average visit duration: Average time spent on the careers portal

  • Bounce rate: Percentage of sessions that ended on the first page seen.

  • Total applications: Number of applications

  • Conversion rate: Percentage of visits ending with an application

  • Application form drop-off rate: Percentage of started applications but not completed

💡A low bounce rate and longer sessions could indicate the content is interesting.

💡A high conversion could be a good benchmark to know if a job posting is attractive and understandable.

💡A low drop-off rate can indicate that an application form is not too discouraging.

Advanced reports

Visits over time

Shows the evolution of visits in time to see a trend of applications/visits and how it changes over the year.

Applications over time

Shows the evolution of applications in time.

Most visited jobs

An overview of all assignments and the number of visits each of them has gotten to see which jobs are receiving the most interest and if any visits or application attempts could provide very interesting insights and help take further steps when recruitment is challenging.

Applications per job

Compare the number of applications to each job.

Visits per source

Compare sources to see which one brings the most visits.

Applications per source

Similar to visits per source but per application to see which selected marketing channels live up to expectations.

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