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Board template - Disqualifications
Board template - Disqualifications
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The Disqualifications board provides information about recent disqualifications, more profound insights into disqualification reasons and stay updated with disqualified candidates and look up their profiles if necessary.

💡We recommend the recruitment lead and recruiter consult this board monthly to get an overview of disqualifications and analyze them globally.

📌 You can expand the report's date range in case of less frequent visits.

The board consists of key data highlighting KPIs and advanced reports to dig deeper into the data and compare more specific metrics.

Key data

  • Disqualified candidates: Total number of disqualified candidates

  • Time to disqualify: Average time it takes from the moment of application to candidate disqualification

  • Automatically disqualified: Candidates dropped automatically via knockout questions. Subset of all disqualified candidates

Advanced reports

Disqualifications over time

See the number of disqualified candidates over time to present the overall trend.

Disqualifications per stage type

Compare the number of disqualifications in each stage type to easily determine the percentage of dropped candidates per stage

Drop-off rate per stage type

Compare the average percentage of candidates dropped in each stage. It's best to compare this particular piece of data with the proceed rate.

Disqualification reasons overview

A high-level overview of all the different reasons recruiters use to give you an idea of why they disqualify candidates.

Disqualifications per source

Compare reasons for disqualification, classified by sources, to better understand the quality of candidates per source.

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