Board template - Pipelines
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The pipeline template provides a detailed overview of pipeline activities to easily track what has happened across multiple jobs, for example, by spotting candidates who have recently reached a specific milestone.

💡We recommend recruiters and team leaders who need an alternative summary of all roles and recent changes consult this board daily or weekly to best act on those changes.

📌 You can expand the report's date range in case of less frequent visits.

The board consists of key data highlighting KPIs and advanced reports to dig deeper into the data and compare more specific metrics.

Key data

In the first row, three categories of candidates display data from the last seven days.

  • Interviewed - Candidates your team interviewed who reached an interview stage

  • Offered - Candidates you have offered a job to.

  • Hired - Candidates hired in the specified time frame

Advanced reports

Pipeline events in jobs (over time)

Shows all moves operated per day/week/month/quarter in each stage. This dashboard provides a detailed approach to the reports on interviewed/offered/hired candidates. You can also dive deeper into pipeline actions, especially those leading to key milestones.

New candidates in stages

Provides a complete overview of all stage types in active jobs, showing where each qualified candidate is currently.

Proceed rates per stage type

Shows the average pass-through rate per stage based on historical data.

Time to reach stage type

Compares the average time it takes to reach a specific stage type from the application.

Time spent per stage type

See the average time candidates spend in each stage type.

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