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Board template - Jobs
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The Jobs board template provides an overview of jobs. The emphasis is on critical statistics such as recent job status changes, time to fill/fill rate, and showing progress on a broader scale.

💡 We recommend managers, experienced recruiters, and C-level executives who are not directly involved in day-to-day recruitment but oversee the process to consult this board monthly to get a global overview of the recruitment progress through job openings and closings.

📌 You can expand the report's date range in case of less frequent visits.

The board consists of key data highlighting KPIs and advanced reports to dig deeper into the data and compare more specific metrics.

Key data

The first three summary items highlight the most vital changes at the job level:

  • Published jobs: Jobs you are recruiting for.

  • Filled jobs: Jobs that your team has recruited for.

  • Closed jobs: Jobs that are being sunsetted.

  • Fill rate: Useful statistics to keep track of the percentage of filled openings defined on a job.

  • Time to fill: Measures time from when your team published the job to hiring one or multiple candidates.

  • Time to close: Measure the time from when your team created the job to the closing of the job.

Advanced reports

Job events over time

An overview of job status changes (from creating a draft and publishing to archiving the job) to better see which actions occur week by week, monthly, or quarterly.

Open time per job

This report shows the open time per job. You can use it to highlight jobs that have been left open for too long. Evergreen roles tend to cause reporting problems.

Fill rate per job

To highlight each job’s progress. This piece of data is particularly important in case of multiple openings.

Published jobs per department

To highlight how many positions are currently open in each department.

Filled jobs per department

To highlight how many jobs have been filled recently in each department

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