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Board template - Candidates
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The Candidates board provides information on candidates globally, emphasizing the trends of new candidates coming in from different sources and the number of qualified candidates in respective jobs.

💡 We recommend Recruiters and team leaders consult this board monthly to follow data evolution.

📌 You can expand the report's date range in case of less frequent visits.

⚠️ For candidates moved between stages in a pipeline and disqualified candidates, please check the Pipelines and Disqualifications boards.

The board consists of key data highlighting KPIs and advanced reports to dig deeper into the data and compare more specific metrics.

Key data

At the top of the page, you see the total number of candidates in each category (new, moved, disqualified, and overdue).

  • New candidates: Candidate profiles recently created.

  • Moved forward: Candidates moved in the pipelines (based on the last move date)

  • Disqualified: Candidates disqualified from jobs

  • Recently overdue: Candidates who have been on stage longer than the limit.

Advanced reports

Candidates over time per origin

Compare the number of new candidates from different channels, such as careers or referrals. This graphic makes it easy to spot any peaks/drops in new applications and highlights movements from candidates coming from different origins. We found it essential to split candidates by their source as it helps you interpret the results. For instance, a peak on the chart could be due to data import, a successful campaign, or a referral launch.

New candidates by status

We have categorized all candidates by status (qualified/disqualified/unassigned) to give a complete overview of candidates' statuses.

Candidate sources

Compare the number of candidates coming from each source, based on source tags, to help determine where most of the candidates are coming from.

Qualified candidates in Jobs

See the number of candidates assigned to active jobs and who are still qualified. This piece of data highlights how many candidates are still in the process.

Pipeline breakdown

This graph displays the number of qualified candidates in active jobs, broken down by stage types they are currently in. The board’s purpose is to visualize the stages these candidates are in

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