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Why is my colleague not receiving my Recruitee invitation?

The most frequent cause for a missed Recruitee invite is the email landing in the spam folder.

To address this, could your colleague please check both their spam and promotions folder?

If they are unable to locate the invite in those folders, we recommend following these steps:

* Delete the invitation from your Recruitee account.

* Re-invite your team mate using the method outlined in this article here.

As a workaround we suggest also inviting the new team member using alternative email address and updating the email in contact details, after the user profile has been created.

How can I access Recruitee when my email address changes (no active SSO)?

Here are some options to address the issue with your email address:

- If you are currently logged into Recruitee account, you can easily update your email address in your user profile.

- If you are unable to access your Recruitee account, a password reset is not readily available. However, you may explore an alternative solution with your IT department. They can potentially forward the email to you or create a temporary email address to facilitate the password reset process. After the reset, you can then adjust the incorrect email address in your user profile.

- If the above options are not feasible, an account administrator can assist you by creating a completely new account. Once the new account is set up, they can send you an invitation to join again.

Feel free to choose the option that best suits your situation, and please let us know if you need further assistance.

How can I transfer my user account to someone else?

You have the ability to modify all user particulars within your user profile, including the option to incorporate your colleague's information and email address. Once completed, the account will be registered under your colleague's name for access. Any data you contributed to the account will remain unaffected after the transfer.

How can I track team members in the most effective way?

The permissions assigned to a team member in the account are either excessive or insufficient. How can this situation be fixed?

The permissions in Recruitee are managed fully by the customer via Hiring Roles. An Administrator of the company account will be able to adjust the permissions.

What happens when a team member is removed from a company account (not deleted)?

When you remove a team member from your company account, only their settings and reports will be removed from your database.

However, you do not need to worry about their work as everything will be preserved. Removing a team member will not remove the notes, evaluations, emails, or candidate profiles created by the team member.

How can I restrict access for a team member/hired person?

Generally permissions are managed in the Hiring Role settings.

You can make use of our 'Manage hired candidates feature' to identify hired candidates by marking them as hired, celebrating your collaborative hire, and making sure only the right people have access.

For more information, check out our related Help Center article here.

My company has SSO activated but I cannot access Recruitee. How can I get access to Recruitee?

Once SSO is added to and activated for the account, you will have three different options to log into Recruitee.

Option 1:

1. Go to https://auth.recruitee.com/ and select SSO.

2. Fill in your email address.

📌 This is the email address you sign into your SSO provider with.

3. If you are already logged in to your SSO provider, you will be redirected to Recruitee instantly.

If you aren't logged into your SSO provider yet, you will first be directed to do so. If the login is successful you will be redirected to Recruitee.

Option 2:

If you have your company’s direct Sign-in URL you can skip steps 1 and 2 above and sign in to your SSO provider directly.

A Sign-in URL looks like this: auth.recruitee.com/sso/sign-in/[companyname]

Option 3:

Depending on your SSO provider, you can also click on the Recruitee application in your provider's dashboard to be redirected to Recruitee.

Please find more information here.

I requested a password reset email. What can I do when the email didn't arrive in my inbox?

Make sure to check the following:

- The email address that you sign into Recruitee with

- Your spam and promotional email folders

If you still can't locate the email, please reach out to our support team.

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