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Identify hired candidates by marking them as hired, celebrating your collaborative hire, and making sure only the right people have access.

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Marking candidates as hired

To mark a candidate as hired, move them into a pipeline stage of the Hires group.

⚠️To mark candidates as hired, make sure your job’s pipeline has at least one stage in the Hires group. Learn about pipeline stage groups.

1. In the job’s pipeline, drag and drop the candidate that has accepted your offer into the first stage of the Hires stage group. Or, go to their candidate profile and click Mark as hired next to their assigned job.

⚠️It is not possible to mark multiple candidates as hired at once.

2. Fill in the Hire date and Start date.

3. If the candidate was part of a share, you can see it in a blue info box. Click Remove from existing share if you would like to do so. If not, skip to step 5.

4. Review the shares and click Remove.

5. Click Mark as hired.

6. The candidate’s work locations are displayed under the job title.

7. Congrats on your new hire! 🎉 You can now review the candidate’s story.

8. The job will also indicate the hire in the jobs section.

💡If you no longer want to have a candidate marked as hired, move them back into a pipeline stage of the Active process.

Managing hired candidates

You can view all hired candidates in the Hires tab in the Candidates section.

Here you can sort and filter hired candidates by Hire date or Start date.

You can also use these filters and the Hiring status filter in any other view in the Candidates section.

Editing hiring details

1. Go to a hired candidate and click More details in the green info box.

2. Here, you can view and edit the hiring details.

Limiting access to hired candidates

Are you involving colleagues in the hiring process as reviewers but don’t want them to access their team member’s or their own profile? To do so, make sure you set up your hiring roles accordingly and assign the appropriate hiring role to your team members.

Viewing hired candidates

Only team members with permission to View hired candidates in their Hiring role can access hired candidates’ profiles.

Team members without permission won’t be able to select or view hired candidates’ profiles.

If they click on a hired candidate’s profile, they won’t be able to view any information.

Managing hired candidates

Only team members with permission to Manage hired candidates in their Hiring role can mark candidates as hired, move candidates through the pipeline after they are hired, and manage their profiles.

Team members without permission won’t be able to mark candidates as hired or move them into stages of the Hires group.

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