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Audit logs
Updated over a week ago

Note: This feature is accessible for account administrators only.

Audit logs are a record of events and changes that took place in your Recruitee account in the past 30 days. You can use them to improve security, gain insight, and manage risks.

Go to Settings > Company > Audit logs to view them.

⚠️ It is not possible to view events that took place more than 30 days ago.

Information in the audit logs include:

Date and time

The date and time the event took place.


The user that caused the event.

Note: We log all users as ‘Admin’ for technical reasons. This does not mean they have administrator permissions.

IP address

The IP address of the user when they caused the event.

Note: We may not always log an IP address, depending on the event type.


The event that took place.

Event details

Details of the event.

Click the arrow next to an event to expand it and view its details.


Use the search bar to find specific events.

You can use keywords to search the different fields available in the audit logs. Use boolean search elements like AND, OR, NOT, (parentheses), and “quotes” to refine your search.


Select a date range to filter the data in your audit logs.

Click Filter to filter the data by actor, actor type, or event.


Click Export to CSV to export your current view of the audit logs. The export will take applied filters and search terms into account.


View the complete list of events available in audit logs:

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