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The mailbox is an overview of all ongoing conversations between you, your team, and candidates. It allows you to follow all the recruitment processes in your company.

Types of inboxes

The Mailbox is split into 3 sections: My email, Team email, and the Incoming CVs/ Resumes inbox.

My email

The place with all the conversations that you have taken part in, including received, sent, and scheduled emails.

Team email

All candidates

Conversations between your team members (including messages from shared mailboxes) and candidates in jobs that you have access to.

Followed candidates

Conversations between your team and the candidates you follow.

Followed jobs

Conversations within the jobs and talent pools that you follow.


Conversations between your team and anyone who's not in your candidate database.

📌 Note

Email threads in the Non-candidates folder are moved to the “All candidates” folder as soon as you convert them into candidate profiles or if you pin an email to an existing candidate.

Incoming CVs and resumes

Company inbox

Your team members or employees can forward any CV or resume to this inbox. They don't have to specify the job or talent pool. To access it, you need to have the Administrator role or the “View all existing jobs data” permission enabled.

Job inboxes

Your team members or employees can forward a CV or resume to a specific job. Each job has its own email address. Click on the list of job inboxes and copy the right one you need.

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