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Managing your mailboxes

Master your candidate communication with Recruitee mailboxes.

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Great communication is one of the core foundations of a great candidate experience. To help you keep all of your recruitment data in one place, we've built email functionality within Recruitee. 

You can also access shared mailboxes, send emails from them, and keep track of conversations on Recruitee to follow the recruitment process.

If you click on the mailbox tab on the left side of your dashboard in Recruitee, you'll see that you have multiple inboxes. We've optimized them to make the most out of your team collaboration.

Here we'll explain the options within your mailbox.

All mailboxes

All Mailboxes include your personal mailbox as well as any other mailbox you have access to.

You can see your shared mailbox by default when you access your Mailbox.

Click All Mailboxes to display a drop-down menu with your personal and your shared mailboxes. Shared mailboxes include all your emails and the emails from mailboxes shared with you.

Shared mailboxes are marked with an icon (e.g., the email address

On the right side, you can see who else can access a shared mailbox.

📌 When a user deletes an inbox, emails sent to it display Mailbox deleted instead of the email address.

📌 If an email address outside your candidate database sends a message to your Recruitee email address, it will also land in the Non-candidates folder (explained below).

Sent: All emails you send to candidate email addresses and to email addresses outside your candidate database.

Users with a single mailbox selected or who have never sent an email first send messages from their email.

When you send an email from a mailbox, it remains selected as your email address when you compose a new one.

Send later: All scheduled emails will appear in the Send Later folder while they are still scheduled to be sent.

📌 Click the arrow next to Team email and CV/Resumes to collapse or open the options.

Under Team email

  • All candidates: All email exchanges between your team and the candidates in the Jobs you have access to.

  • Followed candidates: All email exchanges between your team and the candidates you follow. 

  • Followed Jobs: All email exchanges between your team and the candidates in the Job(s)/Talent Pool(s) you follow.

  • Archived: All emails archived by you and your team.

 Under Incoming CV

Note: For safety reasons, you cannot add existing email addresses in your candidate database to the CC or BCC field of messages from your Recruitee mailbox. If you want to bulk email multiple candidates, please read here.

To learn more about syncing your mailbox, sharing candidate CVs, customizing your email, working with email templates, and more, you can check out our Email help center collection here.

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