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Share candidates with team members and guests
Share candidates with team members and guests

How to share candidates with people outside Recruitee

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In Recruitee, you can share candidates in several ways, depending on who you want to share candidates with and what kind of feedback you want.

1. Give your team members access to a candidate. This works well if someone doesn't have to see the entire job pipeline but needs to give feedback about a single candidate. We recommend this option if you need to involve a reviewer or a hiring manager at some point in the hiring process.

📌 If you want to share the entire job pipeline with a team member, you can invite them to the recruitment team. They will see all candidates in the hiring process. It’s good for collaborations with other recruiters or hiring managers. Learn more about recruitment teams.

2. Create a public link to the candidate's profile and share it with anyone that doesn’t have a Recruitee account. This works well if you want to quickly share the candidate with someone who is not involved in the process, and you can decide which information to show in the link.

Allow access to candidate

The team member with an account on Recruitee will have access to this candidate and information. They will be able to leave an evaluation, communicate with team notes, and be visible to everyone to include them in the recruiting process. If they don’t have an account yet, invite them to Recruitee.

1. Go to the candidate profile that you want to share click Share on the right side of the candidate’s name.

2. Click Add Team members and select which team members to include.

Before sharing a candidate with a team member, you can add a note to let them know what is expected of them, provide some context, and click Share.

📌When you schedule an interview or request evaluation with a team member who doesn’t have access to a candidate, we’ll recognize it and suggest sharing access.

An email notification will be sent to the team member. Once they open the profile, they’ll have access to information and actions based on their Hiring role on their Dashboard.

⚠️ Candidates shared with them will also be displayed on their candidate's list. Team members will also see the Evaluation requests, scheduled events, and tasks assigned to them on their Recruitee dashboard.

Sharing candidate profiles in bulk

You can share many candidates at once with your team members. Select the candidate profiles you want to share from the Candidate section, the talent pool or a job and click More to display the Bulk actions menu.

In this example, we are sharing candidates from a job.

📌 To share candidates in bulk, they need to at least be part of the same job or talent pool.

💡 Sharing candidates in bulk can be useful in the CV review process to share candidates with a hiring manager, in the interview stage so all participants can prepare for the call and leave notes/evaluations, or in the Evaluation stage to share candidates with Reviewers and gather their feedback.

Share a public link

With this option, you can easily create a public link to be shared with everyone who needs to give an opinion on candidates without inviting them to Recruitee. As a Team member, you will not be able to mention guests in notes, invite them to a meeting, create tasks for them, or request an evaluation via a form.

Therefore, sharing a profile with a public link is more suitable for Guests who will not be involved completely in the recruitment process but need to review specific parts of the candidate’s profile.

1. Click Share in the Candidate’s profile

2. Select which information about the candidate you would like to share.

Show information

Depending on your choice, the link can include the following candidate details:

  • Contact information/Profile fields/CV or Resume: Guests will be able to see all data in the Overview tab of the shared candidate profiles. This includes contact information, answers to screening questions, cover letters, CVs, etc.

  • Notes: Guests will be able to see all team notes (excluding private team notes) that your recruiting team created in the shared candidates' profiles.

  • All evaluations: You can use this when you need to share team members’ evaluations with guests for their input or decision.

  • Files: You can share additional files attached to the candidate’s profile.

  • Screening questions: You can share the screening questions associated with the role.

  • Job name & Stage: Guests will be able to see all jobs the shared candidates' profiles are in.

  • Talent pools: Guests will be able to see all talent pools the shared candidates' profiles are in.

📌 When sharing evaluations, it’s important to also select Job name & Stage so people know which stage each evaluation was added. This may be important for context setting and if a candidate is in multiple pipelines, the evaluator can decide which job to assign the evaluation to.

⚠️ You will always share all evaluations. Even if some are hidden by Fair evaluations, they will be visible to people accessing profiles via a public link. If you want the benefits of the Fair evaluations feature, it’s better to evaluate candidates in our core ATS.

  • Add notes: Guests will be able to add comments to the team notes area in the candidate profile(s).

  • Add evaluation: Guests will be able to make evaluations (including a thumb rating) of the candidate(s).

  • Upload files: Guests can upload files.

📌 If a Guest adds a note, evaluation, or file to a shared candidate profile, it will be visible to all team members with access to the candidate profile in Recruitee, but it will not be visible to other non-team members who view the shared profile.

Link name

3. You can optionally name the link. Naming your shared candidate profile(s) will help differentiate them from other shares created by your team members.

Link expires on

4. Decide how long your shared candidate profiles will be accessible. You can always change this again later.

Share link

5. You can either copy the share link or enter the email address(es) of those you’d like to share with.

  • Share link: You can simply copy the link and send it to anyone who needs to view the profile.

  • Enter the email adress(es) of the people you’d like to share the candidate profile(s) with. They will receive an email with a link to your shared candidate profiles.

📌 When you share candidates, you can see with whom a link is being shared. Click Shared with for any link you have shared to see this information.

To check who has already received the link via email, go to Settings > Workflow > Public links to candidates, click the Edit icon next to the link, and open the Share tab.

6. Click Save.

If you've shared a candidate via a link before, you can copy the link from their profile.

7. Click on Anyone and select Create new public link. Once shared, the profile will look like this.

8. Once you have shared a candidate with Guests, they will have the option to adjust the language if you have enabled multiple languages.

9. Once a candidate has been shared via a public link, Guests can leave reviews and notes. When they leave an evaluation, they will be asked to complete their guest profile to be allowed to leave an evaluation.

Add to existing public link

10. You can add candidates to existing public links.

11. Select the public link you would like to add this candidate to and click Save.

Edit existing public link

You can edit a previously shared public link to extend or stop people from accessing candidate profiles.

In the Status column, you will see two options:

Active: Guests are able to access these shares.

Expired: Guests aren't able to access these shares anymore.

Click the pencil icon on the right side of a share you want to edit.

2. You can tick the boxes of each share and Delete them in bulk. The links will be deleted and the people you have share them with will no longer be able to access the candidate’s information.

3. You can also act on each Share with the options on the right to Preview the candidate’s profile as it was shared, Share to copy the link or send it to new people, Edit the information being shared or Delete a link.

4. From the Public links to candidates page, you can also create a new link. Click + New Public Link in the top right corner.

5. Click on + to search and select which candidate you want to share, then follow the instructions for sharing one candidate from steps 3 to 5 and specify what you want to share and how long you want to share it.

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