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Localize Recruitee to work with multiple languages
Localize Recruitee to work with multiple languages
How to localize your careers site, job postings, and more
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Multi-language gives you the ability to offer candidates the option of switching to an alternative language and interacting with your recruitment website in the language of their choice. Based on the language they select on a prospective company’s main website, candidates will automatically be presented with the relevant translated items. 

To enable multi-language, go to your Company Settings > Languages and switch it on. There you can select the supported language to display your careers site and job posts in as well as choose the default language for any new team member that joins your team.

In their chosen language, applicants will be able to view vacancy details, access application forms, and browse associated communications.

Adding a language

You can also add a new language and click 'Make default' to make that the language in which your job post and careers site are displayed.

Note: if you add translations for Spanish, your careers site will appear in Spanish to your Spanish visitors, in German to your German visitors, and so on.

This will change the language of your careers site interface and editor. For example, your ‘Apply now’ button, 'Submit application', and 'location' in the editor' will appear in the language you've added. 

Localization for users

You can use Recruitee in one of the 4 supported languages to access the platform in your language and you can also add any other language and start translating specific parts of the platform, including 'candidate sharing', GDPR requests, and scheduler copy.

Localization for candidates

Candidates can apply for a job in 4 languages, or in any other custom language that you have added, and have a consistent end-to-end experience in their language including:

  • Application forms

  • Careers site

  • Video calls

  • Emails to new candidates

  • Default screening questions

  • GDPR footer

  • Auto-confirmation email

  • Privacy policy


Currently, localization does not extend to:

  • User-generated content such as custom candidate fields or any values that you or your teammates add to Recruitee.

  • Your jobs widget.

  • Talent pools.

  • Picking a language to promote your jobs on premium job boards - (primary language of the offer will be used)

  • Picking a language to promote your jobs on free job boards - (primary language of the offer will be used)

  • Paying for job ads or services in local currencies.

Hiring in multiple languages and locations just got a whole lot easier with multi-language support.

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