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Localize Recruitee to work with multiple languages
Localize Recruitee to work with multiple languages

Localize your careers site, job postings, and more

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Using multiple languages allows you to translate your careers site, jobs, and more to provide a localized candidate experience.

Are you setting up languages in Recruitee for the first time? Use this checklist.

Enabling multiple languages

Before you can start translating content, the feature and the languages you want to use need to be enabled.

1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Languages and toggle the switch to enable multiple languages.

There are 17 available languages you can choose from. The default text on the careers site and other public views are already translated for these languages. If you want to add a different language, you can add a custom translation.

2. Toggle the switch next to each applicable language to enable it.

💡 You can also edit and customize the default text by clicking the pencil icon next to a language.

Custom translations

Click +Add custom translation to add a different language. Select a language, add translations for each item of the applicable default text, and click Save.

Localizing custom content

After enabling multiple languages, the localization of the default text of your careers site and other public views is taken care of. To ensure a fully localized experience, enable languages in the CareersHub and translate any custom content you may have created.

Custom content may include:


Currently, it is not possible to localize the following:

  • User-generated content such as custom candidate fields or any values that you or your teammates add to Recruitee

  • The jobs widget

  • Talent pools

  • Picking a language to promote your jobs on free or premium job boards - (We will use the primary language of the job)

Checklist: Setting up multiple languages

Are you setting up multiple languages in Recruitee for the first time or adding a new language? Use this checklist to guide you through the process and navigate the content available on this topic.

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