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Share candidates with external parties

How to share candidates with people outside Recruitee

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The Share candidates feature helps you get feedback on candidates from external parties or anyone who is not in your company account in Recruitee.

There are three ways to access Share candidates and you can edit existing Shares in your company account under settings.

Option 1 – From bulk actions

Select the candidate profiles you want to share and click Share from the Bulk actions menu.

Specify which candidates you'd like to share and for how long.

Visible sections: Check what you want to be visible in the candidate profile(s) you've selected above.

  • Profile/CV: External parties will be able to see all data in the Overview tab of the shared candidate profiles. This includes contact information, answers to screening questions, cover letters, CVs, etc.

  • Notes: External parties will be able to see all team notes (excluding private team notes) that your recruiting team created in the shared candidates' profiles.

  • Job name & Stage: External parties will be able to see all jobs the shared candidates' profiles are in.

  • Talent pools: External parties will be able to see all talent pools the shared candidates' profiles are in.

  • All evaluations: You can use this when you need to share team members’ evaluations with an external stakeholder for their input or decision.

📌 When sharing evaluations, it’s important to also select Job name & Stage so people know which stage each evaluation was added.

⚠️ You will always share all evaluations. Even if some are hidden by Fair evaluations, they will be visible to guests too. If you want the benefits of the Fair evaluations feature, it’s better to evaluate candidates in our core ATS.

Editable sections

  • Add notes: External parties will be able to add comments to the team notes area in the candidate profile(s).

  • Add evaluation: External parties will be able to make evaluations (including a thumb rating) of the candidate(s).

    📌When requesting evaluations to be made, it’s good to also select Job name & Stage so when they evaluate the candidate, they’ll know which stage the candidate is currently in. This may be important for context setting and if a candidate is in multiple pipelines, the evaluator can decide which job to assign the evaluation to.

  • Upload files: External parties can upload files.

Note: If a non-team member adds a note, evaluation, or file in a shared candidate profile, it will be visible to all team members with access to the candidate profile in Recruitee, but it will not be visible to other non-team members who view the shared profile.

Allow access until: Decide how long your shared candidate profiles will be accessible. You can always change this again later.

Name this share: Although this is optional, naming your shared candidate profile(s) will help differentiate them between other shares created by your team members.

5. Click Save.

6. You can either copy the share link or enter in the email address(es) of those you’d like to share with.

Share Via URL

You can copy the link and share it with the necessary people. Anyone who has the link under Via URL will be able to access your shared candidate profiles. Be careful how you share the link.

Share Via email

Fill out the email address of the persons you want to send your share to under Via email > Click Send. They will receive an email with a link to your shared candidate profiles. 

Now when you share candidates, you can see with whom a link is being shared. Click on “Shared with” for any link you have shared to see this information.

Option 2 – From a candidate's profile

1. Go to the candidate profile that you want to share > Click the Share candidates icon in the top right corner.

2. Select what suits you:

  • Share now: Add the candidate to a new share. See option 1 above for more details on the following steps.

  • Add to existing Shares: Add the candidate to one or more existing shares.

3. If the candidate is already in one or more shares, there will be a green dot on the "Share candidates" icon.

Click it to see all the shares the candidate is in.

Option 3 – From settings

1. Click Settings in the top right corner.

2. Under Workflow, click Shared candidates.

3. Click the button + New Share in the top right corner.

4. Specify what you want to share and how long you want to share it.

  • Candidates to be shared: Click the "+" icon to add the candidates you want to share.

  • See option 1 above for more details about the following steps.

Edit the shares in your company account

1. Click Settings on the left menu.

2. Under Workflow, click Shared candidates.

3. Active Shares: External parties are able to access these shares.

Expired Shares: External parties aren't able to access these shares anymore.

Click the pencil icon on the right side of a share you want to edit.

4. Edit the share as you want and click 'Save'.


The language of the shared candidates page can be adjusted if you have enabled multiple languages.

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