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A requisition is a formal request for a new hire. It captures all the essential details about the role, the number of job openings as well as whose sign-off is needed to officially start the hiring process.

Requisition statuses

Here, you can view all requisitions and the number of hires per each. Requisitions are further divided into the ones that need your approval and the ones that you have submitted yourself.

Requisitions can take the following statuses:

  • Draft – The requisition is created but not yet sent for approval.

  • Pending – The requisition has been sent for approval.

  • Rejected – The approvers have declined the requisition.

  • Approved – All required approvers have approved the requisition.

  • Filled – All job openings are filled, preventing further hiring.

Create a requisition

To create a new requisition, click +New in the top-right, name it, choose a department or approval flow, fill out the details, and submit it for approval. Approvers will receive notifications, and once approved, you'll be notified too.

Your requisition has been approved. What’s next?

Create a job based on an approved requisition either from the “Requisition approved” pop-up or the Jobs tab. In the job editor, you will see that some fields are already pre-filled with the details from the requisition.

You start hiring candidates. What now?

Each candidate hired for a job that’s assigned to a requisition will fill a job opening. Once all openings are filled, the requisition will change its status from Approved to Filled.

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