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Filling job openings with hired candidates
Filling job openings with hired candidates
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Hiring candidates

Requisition approvals help to streamline and keep track of the number of candidates you need to hire for your organization.

You can check hired candidates for each job or requisition as well as monitor the number of openings still available in the job’s header.

To see the number of open hires and hired candidates, you can go to the Requisition approvals tab and view the number of hired candidates vs. the number of available hires for that requisition.

To check the number of candidates hired for each position, you can go to the Jobs tab and hover over the job. You can also see this data in the table view of both the Jobs and Requisitions tab.

When you find the perfect candidate and move them to the hired stage, based on the information specified on the requisition level, you'll need to provide some additional information regarding the requisition itself and the job openings. Once the requisition is linked to that candidate, the job opening count for that requisition will be adjusted.

When all job openings are filled for a requisition, hiring is no longer possible.

"Releasing" a job opening

In the following situations, hired candidates can be unassigned from job openings:

  • A candidate was permanently deleted from your company account

  • A job that they were hired for was deleted

⚠️ Releasing a job opening may change a requisition's status from Filled to Approved. This will be visible in your reports. We recommend using this function carefully. If a candidate was let go a few months/weeks after being hired, it would be probably better to create a new requisition to hire his replacement.

Deleting job openings

If it is not possible to fill all job openings after all, you can remove unfilled ones from the requisition.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the requisition

  2. Go to the Details tab

  3. Scroll to the Job openings section, and delete redundant job openings.

As a consequence of this action, your requisition may change its status to Filled and this will be reflected in your reports.

Assign several requisitions to unblock more job openings

The number of hires you’re allowed for a job posting is based on the number of openings in a requisition tied to that job.

If a candidate is hired for a job, you will need to select which requisition should be tied to that hired candidate, and that will reduce the number of available openings for that requisition.

⚠️If there are multiple jobs associated with one requisition, once one of the jobs is filled, the number of available jobs for the requisition will decrease.

📌If you would like to A/B test the jobs you’re opening to see what converts better, you can assign multiple jobs to one requisition. No need to create multiple requisitions for this.

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