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Associating jobs with requisitions
Associating jobs with requisitions
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Creating jobs from and assigning jobs to requisitions

There are three ways that you can associate jobs with approved requisitions:

  1. Creating a new job directly from the requisition itself

  2. Creating a new job in the Jobs tab and assigning it to a requisition

  3. Assigning a requisition to an existing job

Creating a job directly from the requisition

To assign a job directly from the approved requisition:

  1. Navigate to the requisition and click on the Jobs tab.

2. Click on +New job

You will then be re-directed to the job details page, where you can fill in the details for the job posting. Some fields will be pre-filled based on the information that was added to the requisition for easier set-up. If you click on the Requisition tab in the Job details page, you’ll see that the job has been associated with the requisition you started with.

Creating a new job and assign to an approved requisition

To assign an approved requisition from a new job:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab and create a new job.

  2. You will be directed to a pop-up. Select From requisition from the list of options.

  3. You will then be asked which requisition to tie to this job.

Assigning a requisition to an existing job offer

You can also choose to assign a requisition to an existing job.

To assign a requisition to an existing job:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab and choose an existing job offer.

  2. Go to the first tab of the Job editor, called Requisition, and click + Assign requisition.

  3. Choose from the drop-down of pre-approved requisitions.

📌It is important that the data you have for the job posting is consistent with the requisition since those are details that have been approved. If this is not consistent, you will see a dialog box that alerts you of which details do not match so you can copy them over.

⚠️If you choose to assign a requisition to already published jobs with hired candidates, you may experience the following issues:

  • Having “Too many candidates”: if this information appears on a job, that means that more candidates have been hired than available job openings. In this situation, further hiring will be blocked until the problem is solved.

    💡If this happens, you can assign another requisition that has available jobs/hires to this job.

  • Candidates not being assigned to openings. In this situation, there are available job openings in the requisition, but hired candidates are not assigned to them. This can be solved by clicking on the Assign to job openings button and selecting a requisition or several requisitions and opening the job up to candidates. In the meantime, hiring will be blocked for this job.

    When your requisition has been tied to a job or jobs, you can start hiring your perfect candidate!

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