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Requisition approvals
Enabling Requisitions approvals
Enabling Requisitions approvals
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Before starting to work with Requisition approvals you first have to enable the feature, as it is disabled by default.

Enabling Requisition approvals

To start using Requisition approvals, you must first enable the feature in the account settings.

2. Click the toggle to enable Requisition approvals.

Once Requisition approvals are enabled, new elements will appear on your screen:

  • Under Requisition approvals workflow settings, you’ll have three new modules appear:

    • Approval flows are where you can set up different approval workflows, set your default flow, and choose to assign flows based on department

    • Requisition form is where you can define the data required for each requisition

    • Setup is where you can define if Requisition approvals will be required for all jobs or not

⚠️ If you choose to require requisitions in Setup, you will be required to always assign a requisition to a job before publishing. Job offers that were published before enabling Requisition approvals won’t be affected.

You will also notice other changes to the interface and workflow:

  • A new icon will appear on the left-hand navigation called Requisition approvals

  • A new method of creating jobs from requisition will be available

  • A new tab Requisition will be added to the Job editor

  • Scheduled auto-publications of jobs will fail if you don’t assign a requisition beforehand.

Once you have enabled requisitions, it’s time to start configuring your workflows and approvers!

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