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FAQ - Billing & Subscription
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How can I cancel my test account?

Your test account will remain active until the trial period expires. After this time you won't be able to access your data unless you subscribe to one of the Recruitee plans.

There is no additional action required to close your trial account.

If you wish to delete the test account, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > General

2. Click Edit next to Company details.

3. Click Delete Company.

4. Confirm the company deletion and click Delete permanently.

Note: After carrying out this process, your account will be locked for all users for 14 days. All data in the account will be permanently deleted and the action cannot be reversed after this period.

Where can I find the current prices of Recruitee?

You can find all of our plans with all its included features and prices here:

Where can I find all plans with all its included features and prices?

You can find an overview of our plans with all respective features here:

How can I cancel my trial account?

The trial account will deactivate itself. If you create a trial account it will not be converted into a plan automatically. If you do not choose a plan yourself, the account will simply be deactivated after 18 days of trial.

If you prefer to delete your account, please follow the instructions here.

What is included in my trial account?

When signing up for the free trial, you will be testing our Start plan; it includes all recruitment essentials, as well as automation and team optimization features. Please find more information about our plans here.

The free trial has the following limitations:

- It is not possible to promote your jobs on free job boards.

- It is not possible to send more than 50 emails.

- It is not possible to publish more than five jobs.

Please find more information here.

Does the trial account include extensive sample data for testing?

Yes, you can choose to add sample data to your trial account which will be deleted automatically when subscribing to one of our plans.

Please find more information here.

How can I switch from a trial account to a subscription?

For further details on purchasing a plan, feel free to check this link here.

If you need information on using multiple company accounts, you can find it here.

For a comprehensive overview of all our plans, including their features and prices, please visit: []

Can I change my subscription within the billing period?

It is indeed possible. For more information on the process for upgrading or downgrading within the billing period, kindly refer to this resource.

How can I change the number of job slots?

If your subscription is web offer-based, you can upgrade (or downgrade) your plan or number of slots at any time.

Manual subscriptions can also increase the number of job slots at any time. If you are on a manual subscription and would like to decrease the number of job slots or change your plan, please reach out via our chat.

In order to adjust the slots number please follow those steps:

2. Under Billing, you can see your current plan, the current amount of job slots, and when your next payment is due.

3. Click Change plan next to your current plan to select a different one.

Or click Change number of slots to select a different number of job slots.

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Can I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pause your subscription. However, you do have the option to downgrade your current subscription to the lowest plan available and it will ensure your access to the account at any point without losing data.

Please go to Settings > Company > Billing within the account and click on Change plan to see the options available.

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