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What does our free trial entail?
What does our free trial entail?
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Are you interested in using Recruitee but don’t want to commit to one of our plans yet? Try out Recruitee for 18 days by signing up for our free trial here.

When signing up for the free trial, you will be testing our Scale plan; it includes all recruitment essentials, as well as automation and team optimization features. Please find more information about our plans here. The trial account will act just like an account with a subscription — you can use Recruitee features to start your hiring process, send emails, and publish jobs on your careers site to real candidates. If you have signed up for the trial yourself, you will automatically be the account administrator.

⚠️ The trial will end after 18 days and does not automatically convert into a subscription.

Sample data

When starting your trial, you can choose whether you would like to have sample data in your account or start your account completely from scratch. Sample data added to your trial account consists of candidates, as well as jobs and talent pools, so you can test out our features. It is not possible to change the sample job titles or candidate names.

Sample data can easily be removed or added in the trial center during your trial. Select Your Trial in the top left of your account and select Remove the sample data or Fill company account with sample data under sample data.

📌 You need to be an Administrator of the trial account to add or remove sample data.

Once your account is subscribed to one of our plans, the sample data will automatically be removed from your account, however, all other job or candidate data you may have added during your trial will remain in the account.


The free trial has the following limitations:

  • It is not possible to promote your jobs on free job boards

  • It is not possible to send more than 50 emails

  • It is not possible to publish more than five jobs

Any questions?

Make sure to check out the Recruitee Academy in the Trial center or under Help in the bottom-left corner to help you set up. You can also contact us through the chat.

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