Join an existing company account

Please request that the administrator of that company account  send you an invitation to join the company account from Recruitee.

Create new company accounts

If you want to use Recruitee to manage multiple recruiting teams from multiple companies, you can create multiple company accounts in Recruitee and easily access all of them.

NOTE: You will need to purchase a separate plan for each new company account you create. Each plan comes with an amount of job slots that can only be used for that specific plan. Read more: Recruitee plans and pricing.

1. Click your company's name on the top menu > Click "New company".

2. Fill out the company's name, the company's careers site URL, and language. 

NOTE: If you receive the notification "Subdomain has already been taken", that could mean two things:

  • Another company has claimed the careers site URL you want to use.

  • Or your company's account in Recruitee has already been created by someone else. Please contact this person to be invited to your company's account.

3. Click "Save".

Repeat the steps above in order to create as many company accounts as you want.

Manage multiple company accounts

Switch between company accounts

1. Click your company's name on the top menu. 

2. Select the company account you want to switch to.

Leave a company account

1. Click your company's name on the top menu > Click "Manage companies"

2. Click the "..." button of the company you want to leave > Click "Leave company".

3. Confirm your action.

Delete a company account

If you want to permanently delete a company account, please contact and we will help you as soon as possible.

What’s next?

You can also copy candidates to different company accounts.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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