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Change the language of your careers site
Change the language of your careers site
How to show your careers site in multiple languages to candidates
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By default, your careers site is shown in the language you have set in your company settings. There are ten available languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Latvian, Norwegian, and Swedish. In addition to these ten you can also choose to provide your own translations for other languages.

Note: If you enable multi-language, your custom translations for any added language(s) will be available as an additional language. 

For example, if your default language is German and you have added Spanish, you can opt for your careers site to appear in German to your German users or in Spanish to your Spanish users, and visitors can then filter jobs to display only those that are available in their language.

With default text such as Apply for this job and Our team, you can click on each section within the careers site editor and edit the translations of that text. Learn more

Using multiple languages

Go to your company settings, enable multi-language, and choose your default language. This language will be shown when someone visits your careers site for the first time.

The language switcher at the top of your careers site shows the page visitor which language your careers site is being displayed in.

You can either switch to a supported language or add another language and provide custom translations.

You will need to provide translations for:

  • Fields in the careers site editor

  • Careers site header

  • Your screening questions per job offer on the application form

Deleting languages

Want to delete translations you’ve added? Click the delete icon of the language you want to delete.

Note: Any changes you’ve made in the text of the language you just disabled will still be saved. When enabling the language again, the translations and changes you’ve made in the text will re-appear.

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