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Predefined and Custom views
Predefined and Custom views
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On your Jobs pages, you can organize information with two types of views: Predefined and Custom views.

Predefined views

These are ready-made views created by Recruitee and are accessible to all users in the company. You cannot delete or permanently save changes to a predefined view.

Custom views

Custom views can be edited and saved for yourself or shared with others. Custom views are a way to personalize your research and only display information relevant to you or your teams.

Anyone with access to a custom view can edit or delete it according to their needs or save it for themselves.

Additionally, you can rearrange the order of views in the sidebar to suit your preferences and priorities.

Creating a view

1. Click New View in the sidebar.

When you create a New view, you can edit it afterward.

2. Giving the view a name is required to save it.

The table layout is selected by default, and the view is only visible to you.

Editing a view

You can edit many features of a view:

  • Name and its icon: With custom views, you can change the name and the icon of the view to an emoji.

  • Filters: Modify the applied values or add new filters to refine your data.

  • Sorting: Arrange the data based on your specific requirements.

  • Grouping: Enable or edit grouping for any layout type.

  • Layout type: Present your data in various layouts such as Table, List, or Board visualization.

  • Properties: Customize the information displayed in the view.

  • Visibility: With Custom views, you can control who can access specific views.

  • Swimlanes: You can add another level or organization to Board views, and they allow you to add additional "sub-groups" to your views.

  • Auto-fit table: Automatically adjust column widths to fit the page in the Table layout.

Saving a view

To save a view:

Predefined views: Click Save as new view after the view's name

Custom views: Click on the drop-down menu to display Save View and Save as New View.

Once you have saved the view, it is added to the list next to the Predefined views for all users with access to it.

💡 While you cannot delete or permanently save changes to a predefined view, you can create a custom view based on your modifications.

⚠️ Changes are automatically saved whenever you edit a View, but only for you. To give everyone access, click Save.

Deleting a view

1. To delete a custom view, select the desired view and click on View settings button.

2. Click Delete.

3. Confirm the action.

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