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In Jobs you can view, filter, and manage all jobs that you have access to.

Search for jobs

Use keywords like job title, job ID, location, or department to search for jobs. Thanks to this, you can quickly narrow down your search based on specific criteria.

Job statuses

Let’s take a look at all the statuses that your jobs can have:

  • Published – The job is published on your careers site and candidates can apply for it. You can access the pipeline in Recruitee.

  • Use internally – The job is not published on your careers site, but people with the link can preview it and candidates can apply. You can also access the pipeline in Recruitee.

  • Draft – You can only edit the job, but it’s not available on your careers site.

  • Closed – The job is not visible on your careers site so candidates can’t apply, but you can access the pipeline in Recruitee. If you close a job, it will also be removed from all job boards.

  • Archived – The job is not visible on your careers site so candidates can’t apply, and you can’t access its pipeline until you retrieve the job.

List view, Table view and Board view

On the right, you can switch between three different views: the table view, the list view, and the board view. This helps you visualize your data in the way that suits you best. The Table View is more structured, and you can adjust its columns as you want. The List view displays a condensed visual representation of each job. The board view offers a more visual way of categorizing thanks also to the Swimlane functionality.


The job is a copy of another job with the same feature, except a number has been added in parentheses after the title.

The job will be saved as a draft, and only people with permissions will be able to access it.

Grouping and filtering

You can group and filter your jobs in both views by specific fields, such as Department, Status, Location, etc.

Archived jobs

Archived jobs are the jobs that are no longer on your careers site or job boards. But, you need to archive a job before deleting it. However, it may be good to keep archived jobs for reference purposes in the future since you can always publish them again.

On top of this, archiving a job releases a job slot, which can then be used to post a new job – this is useful if you have a limited number of job slots and want to prioritize your hiring needs.

Followed jobs

Choose to see Followed jobs only in the top-left. Followed jobs are those you follow to get notifications about changes and updates.

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