Do you want to ask specific questions when candidates apply and be able to filter on their answers? Follow the instructions below to create an application form customized to each job.

1. Click Jobs in the left menu.

2. Click the Edit button on the Job where you want to make an application form.

3. Click the Application form tab.

There are several sections you can edit in the Job's application form.

Screening questions

Screening questions help you filter candidates faster. 

  1. Under the Screening questions section, click the Add new button. 

2. Choose which Type of question you want to ask.

3. Type the question you want to ask or add more. 

4.  Choose if you want to make the question optional or required for applicants to answer. 

Repeat the steps above in order to add as many screening questions as you want. You can edit the screening question(s) by clicking the pencil icon on the top right corner of each question.

Personal information

Choose which data applicants need to provide and if they are "required", "optional", or if the element doesn't need to be shown to applicants - "hidden."

4. Click "Save" on the right side to save your settings.

Are you using Multi-language and you want to add screening questions in multiple languages?

In case you have posted a job on your Careers site in multiple languages, you'll need to add translated screening questions for each of the languages that the job is displayed in. To do this:

  1. Choose to Edit the job and go the Application Form tab

2. In the languages panel on the right select which language you want to translate the screening questions into.

3. Click on the pencil icon to type in the translation of each screening question and save the translated question.

4. When the answer type icon is green it means there is a translation for the question in the selected language. If it is still orange, it means there is no translation for the question yet. If a screening question isn't translated, the question will be displayed in the primary language of the job.

Note: You must use the job's primary language in order to add new screening questions, edit the existing questions, or mark if they are required or optional.

Application preferences

  • Toggle between Visible/Hidden for Apply with Indeed to decide if you want candidates to be able to apply with their Indeed profile on your Careers Site. For more info on this: Remove the "Apply with Indeed" button
  • Toggle between Visible/Hidden for Social media share to decide if you want to show the buttons for social media sharing on the Job's page.
  • Toggle between Visible/Hidden for Job location to decide if you want to show the Job's location on the Job's page.

Note: Once you have an application form, you can always link back to it with the URL "your Job's URL/c/new"

For example, if your Job's URL is:


Then your application form's URL for that Job will be:


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