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Organize your jobs the way you like

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The jobs section gives you an overview of all jobs in your Recruitee account that you have access to with multiples basic ways to view your data, and organize it to see information relevant to you.

Predefined views

Predefined views are all the standard views you will see on the Jobs page.

Followed jobs

Choose to see Followed jobs only in the top-left. Followed jobs are those you follow to get notifications about changes and updates.

Select any job and click on Follow to follow a job.

Jobs I'm involved in

Choose I'm involved in only to display jobs where you serve as a recruiter or a hiring manager.

Active jobs

Choose Active only to display jobs currently being recruited for.

Archived jobs

Once a job is archived, you can still view the job details and activity, view candidates in the pipeline, and check the history of your team’s communication (like notes, files, and activities). You won’t be able to modify any of the data, however.

Click the horizontal ellipses next to an archived job to duplicate, retrieve, or delete it.

You can also retrieve and delete archived jobs in bulk.

📌A job may be archived at any point that you no longer need to edit the pipeline or details. A job needs to be archived before you can delete it.

Draft jobs

Draft jobs are still being edited and are not yet on your careers site or live in any way. In draft jobs, you can see all tabs. Some capabilities are available only once the job is published, like managing candidates in the pipeline or enabling postings on job boards. However, you can still keep track of the activities, notes, and files.

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