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In the Candidates section you can add, view and filter all your candidates.

Search your candidate database

Use filters and the boolean search option to find now-perfect candidates in your database. Apply filters in the left-hand panel to narrow down your search.

For example, let's say you want to see who has applied for a specific job on your careers site. You'll need to choose the following filters: In job ➝ Job name, and then, Has source tag ➝ Careers site.

Predefined searches

Recruitee supports predefined searches. Thanks to that, you can look up candidates by the most commonly sought attributes, such as hired or followed. It's super handy for finding the perfect applicant without having to manually apply all the filters yourself. Access these searches from the top of the left-hand panel.

  • Hires – Candidates who are hired.

  • Recently deleted – Deleted candidates that are held in Recruitee up to 7 days after deletion.

  • Qualified candidates – Candidates that applied for jobs at your company.

  • New candidates – Candidates whose profiles haven't been viewed yet.

  • Not contacted – Candidates who haven't received an email from any of your team members.

  • Followed – Candidates you follow and receive notifications about.

  • Overdue - Candidates that have remained in a pipeline stage for too long.

Saved searches

If you often apply a specific set of filters to search your candidate list, you can save and access them anytime.

  1. Click the ⭐️ Star icon next to Candidate search on top of the list.

  2. Name your custom search and decide if you want to share it with your team.

  3. The search will be saved in the left-hand panel and you will be able to access it anytime.

Boolean search

Use terms, such as AND, OR, NOT to perform a boolean search on the entire candidates database. Use parentheses () to combine searches into one and quotes "" to search for a specific term.

For example, to look up candidates who have applied for a specific role and who are on a senior level, type in the job title, e.g., Account executive followed by the keyword AND and the term "senior" like this: Account executive AND "senior".

The terms you enter will search in all of these fields:

  • Candidates' names

  • Emails' content

  • Phone numbers

  • Cover letters' content

  • CVs' content

  • Tags' names

  • Source tags' names

  • Jobs and talent pools' names

  • Pipeline stages' names

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