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Search with Boolean

How to search your candidate database using Boolean operators

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1. Click Candidates in the menu on the left.

2. To perform a Boolean search of your entire candidate database, uncheck and deselect any search filters you have.

3. In the search field at the top, you can construct Boolean search strings using search terms and operators.

The search terms you type will trigger a search in all of these fields:

  • Candidates' names

  • Emails' content

  • Phone numbers

  • Cover letters' content

  • CVs' content

  • Tags' names

  • Source tags' names

  • Jobs and talent pools' names

  • Pipeline stages' names

You can combine your search terms using these operators:

  • AND: All your search terms must be present in the results.

  • OR: Any of your search terms can be present in the results.

  • NOT: Exclude specific terms from your search.

  • ( ): Combine multiple searches into one.

  • " ": Search for an exact phrase.

For example:

4. To combine your Boolean search with any predefined search filters, select and combine the filters you want from the Search submenu.

5. Within each search, you can:

Click the "Notes" tab to check your team's notes about the candidates in your search results.

Click the "Date" button in the top right corner > Select how you want to sort the search results.

Click the table button in the top right corner > Select the value(s) you want to see in the search results.

Click the ellipsis > "Export to CSV" to export your search results as a .csv file.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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