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Save searches as favorites
Save searches as favorites

Save your search preferences and access your customized searches

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You probably have searches with multiple filters that you regularly use in your candidate database. You can save these searches and their filters so they are quickly accessible for you and your team members.

1. Click Candidates in the left menu.

2. Combine filters and/or terms to perform your preferred search. Read more about searching with filters and Boolean search options.

For example, you can filter a search to only show candidates that are in the stage Phone screen and have an overall Strong Yes score for evaluations:

3. Click the Star icon on top to save your search filter combination.

4. Fill out a name for your favorite search. Select Share with team members to allow your team members to see and access your favorite search as well.

5. Click Add.

6. Your saved favorite search will appear below the default searches in the Candidates sub-menu.

7.  After this you can easily access your favorite search by clicking on its name when you go to your candidates database.

Need to do something with all the filtered candidates? You can quickly perform bulk actions on them.

Edit or delete your favorite searches

1. You can easily edit the name or delete your saved searches by hovering over the name of the search and clicking the Pencil icon.

2. Make the changes you want and click Done, or click Delete in the lower left corner. 

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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