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How does Google Hire import work?

You can contact our Support team via chat to request Google Hire import.

In order to get started, we need to know how many candidates need to be migrated. If you have already exported the data from Google Hire, please share the files with me or with development@recruitee.com directly, via Google drive, for example.

Keep in mind that once the files have been exported from Google Hire, we won't be able to add any other incoming candidates that you might receive from that point into Google Hire.

This is the standard information that we can import for you:

- Name

- Email addresses

- Phone number

- Pipeline status

- Job the candidate is assigned to

- Evaluation comments and rating

- Emails and notes attached to a profile

- Attachments

You can let Support know if there is any other information you would prefer us to import and I will check that with the team.

How can I add candidates to my Recruitee database?

There are five ways to add candidates to your Recruitee database:

How can I receive candidates from external recruiters and agencies?

There are two ways in which candidates from external recruiters and agencies can be received directly in your Recruitee account:

1. External recruiters and agencies submit candidate applications via a custom URL (recommended)

2. External recruiters and agencies send CVs to an email address that will automatically parse the CVs into candidate profiles in Recruitee

For more information and detail, please check out our Help Center article here.

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