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This is the moment you've been waiting for: adding your candidates to your pipeline! There are four ways you can import candidates to Recruitee. We'll cover these here.

1 - Manually add candidates to a Job

In “Jobs”, select the Job where you want to add candidates. Click on the “Add candidates” button on the top right corner. Click the “Add manually” button. Fill out all the information and click “Add” when you finish.

2 - Manually bulk upload CVs to a Job

In “Jobs,” select the Job where you want to add candidates. Click on the “Add candidates” button on the top right corner.

Click the “Upload CVs / Resumes” button. You can choose to upload an individual CV or multiple. We accept Word documents, PDF, and ODT files. Use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple files.

3 - Source candidates via Recruitee’s Sourcing Extension

Often you may find yourself actively sourcing candidates. Do you come across quality profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble, or Facebook? Import them right away to Recruitee with our intuitive sourcing extension. A quick video on how to do it:

You can download the sourcing extension for Chrome here.

After installing the sourcing extension, you will see the Recruitee icon next to a candidate’s online profile on GitHub, Facebook, Dribbble, etc. Click on the icon, check the candidate’s name and email, add tags or sources to candidates as you wish, then click “Add candidate.”

That’s it! Now you can find the sourced candidate in the “Sourced” stage of the Job where you assigned them. This “Sourced” column is added automatically by Recruitee as the first column on the left side of your hiring pipeline.

4- Import candidates via your Job’s email address

When you create a Job in Recruitee, you also have a mailbox for that Job. If candidates and/or your colleagues send a CV to the Job’s mailbox, Recruitee will automatically parse it into a candidate profile and put it in the Job’s hiring pipeline.

You can see a Job’s email address by clicking the “Add candidates” button on the top right corner.

Then look for the email address under “Import candidates by sending CVs to..” You can click “Copy” to copy the email address to your clipboard.

Finding your candidates

Do you remember sourcing a great candidate but forgot where they went? Make use of our advanced Boolean search to track down the candidates currently in your account. 

First click on "Candidates" on the left hand side of your dashboard. Using the search bar you can type in a search with multiple keywords that triggers information in a candidate's record. For more information on Boolean search read more here.

Try it out for yourself in Recruitee!

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