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FAQ - Candidates
Updated over a week ago

How can I filter my candidates in the most effective way

Default searches:

On the Candidates submenu, you can access five default searches.

Within each search, you can:

1. Click the Notes tab to check your team's notes about the candidates in your search results.

2. Click the Date button in the top right corner > Select how you want to sort the search results.

3. Click the table button in the top right corner > Select the value(s) you want to see in the search results.

4. Click the ellipsis > Export to CSV to export your search results as a .csv file.

Please find more information on default searches here.

Advanced filter options:

1. Go to the Candidates overview; on the left side the most used filters are shown. At the bottom under '+ Add filter' you can find the rest of the filters.

2. You can use and combine multiple filters to get the preferred list of candidates.

3.Some filters can also be negative, for example filter out people who are in a certain job. Only candidates who aren’t assigned to the selected job will be shown.

4. Click the ellipsis > Export to CSV to export your filtered search results to a .CSV file.

Please find more information on advanced filter options here.

Is it possible to share the list of candidates externally?

If you would like to share the candidates with someone with no access to your Recruitee account, please follow these steps:

In the candidates Menu:

1. Select the candidate profiles you want to share and click 'Share' from the Bulk actions menu

2. Check what you want to be visible in the candidate profile(s) you've selected by using the option 'Visible selections':

  • Profile/CV

  • Notes

  • Job name & Stage

  • Talent pools

  • All evaluations

When sharing evaluations, it’s important to also select the Job name & Stage so people know which stage each evaluation was added to.

3. Decide how long your shared candidate profiles will be accessible by using the option 'Allow access until". You can always change this again later.

4. Click Save.

5. You can either copy the share link or enter the email address(es) of those you’d like to share with.

How can I track candidates and jobs in the most effective way?

We offer many different options for tracking jobs and the candidate's progress and status, like using the job's link or our Jobs Widget. Please find more information about the various tracking methods and related features in our Help Center. Additionally, we recommend using reports. You can find more information about reports here.

Can I delete candidates and still use their information for reporting?

You can exclude anonymized data of deleted candidates in your report. Simply activate or deactivate the toggle in the report's settings.

Why do certain candidates have a blue dot and others do not?

New candidates automatically receive the tag "NEW". If you open the respective profiles, the banner disappears.

The blue dot indicates that you have unread notifications about a candidate. You can see this when hovering over this blue circle:

Note: If you have turned off all notifications, you will not see a blue dot.

Files in the candidate's profile are not visible. What could be the reason for that?

If a team member does not have access to the inbox, this person should not be able to see the files that arrive via email for privacy reasons.

In this case, an adjustment in the Hiring Role should resolve the problem. More information about user roles and permissions can be found here.

How can I find the candidate ID (which can be used for API)?

You can locate a candidate's ID in two different ways:

Via a candidate profile

- Navigate to a candidate profile

- The Candidate ID will be in the URL after 'candidate='

In your Audit Logs

- Navigate to a candidate profile

- The Candidate ID will be in the URL after 'candidate='

Why is the candidate source tag missing?

The primary way source tags are added to candidates in Recruitee is by reading the HTTP referer value stored in the candidate's web browser upon applying.

The HTTP referer attribute would be empty if the candidate did one of the following:

- entered the site URL in the browser address bar itself

- visited the site by a browser-maintained bookmark

- visited the site as the first page in the window/tab

- clicked a link in an external application

- switched from a HTTPS URL to a HTTP URL

- switched from a HTTPS URL to a different HTTPS URL

- has security software installed (antivirus/firewall/etc) which strips the HTTP referer from all requests

- is behind a proxy which strips the HTTP referer from all requests

- visited the site programmatically (e.g. via cURL) without setting the HTTP referer header

Is it possible to unmerge candidates?

Unmerging candidates is not possible at this moment. Before merging candidates, you will be informed that the action cannot be undone.


If applicable, we suggest creating two new, separate profiles to "unmerge" those candidates again.

Recruitee detects duplicates based on the email address in each candidate profile. If you parse a candidate and the candidate mentions different email addresses, they could be parsed as well. It is, therefore, advised to double-check all email addresses when creating/parsing or merging candidate profiles.

Feedback to our product team

We base most new features and updates on users' feedback so this is very helpful. We have already received similar suggestions from other customers, which we are collecting and reviewing on our Product Roadmap.

Your feedback is very valuable to us.

With the following link, you will be able to track the progress of the suggestion, as well as leave comments and further feedback on the board.

What happens next?

- The feature is being discussed internally, and if we feel it will help enough users, it will be considered to be added.

- I could not give you an exact time frame of when this would be available, but you can keep an eye on our Roadmap for this and all features.

- By adding your feedback directly to the board, it goes straight to the development team!

To log into the product board, you simply need to use your Recruitee credentials.

To learn about how we make product roadmap decisions, you can read more here.

Can I archive a job without losing any candidate data?

If you archive a job, only the status will be changed. All the data remains in the database.

Please note that you will not be able to edit the pipeline and job, unless you restore the job. This action is not permanent (you can undo it).

When archiving a job you will not lose any candidates or report data.


In the job overview you will see the status of the job. You can use this as a filter in your reports.

However, deleting a job is a permanent action, so we would advise archiving the job when it is no longer necessary, unless you are absolutely certain that the data is no longer needed.


Please be aware that candidates who are solely added to this archived job will be categorized as "unqualified" within the system. Consequently, specific GDPR deletion settings could potentially result in the deletion of these candidates, unless they are linked to an active job or talent pool in the account.

How can I assign candidates to another job or Talent Pool?

You can assign candidates one by one or in bulk to other jobs and Talent Pools. Please find more information about this topic here.

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