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Approving and rejecting a requisition
Approving and rejecting a requisition
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Approving/rejecting a requisition

When a requisition is submitted for review, all approvers will be notified in order of the approval flow about the pending approval request.

1. To review the requisition, click on the notification or go to the Requisition approvals section and click Need my approval.

2. Upon opening the requisition, review everything that can be seen in the Details tab. If a hiring manager included an approval message, you can read it on the top of the Details page.

3. Once reviewed, click Approve or Reject at the top of the page depending on what’s appropriate. If you decide to reject the requisition, you'll need to explain your decision. Your message will be visible to all team members who have access to the requisition.

Modifying approvers

If an approver is unavailable during the approval period, there are several options.

In the case of short-term unavailability of an approver, you can replace the approver on the requisition level.

To do so, go to the requisition menu and select the Approval flow tab and find the step with the approver. Click on the Edit button and replace the approver with another person with similar skills.

📌If the Users from this step can edit the flow setting is enabled, approvers from the step can edit assignments. Otherwise, only Administrators can replace an approver.

In the case of long-term unavailability or permanent removal of an approver from Recruitee, we suggest removing the approver from flow(s) on the setting level and assigning a replacement. These changes will be applied to all new requisitions and requisitions in draft and rejected statuses that are still using this flow. However, custom requisition flows won't be affected by this change.

📌We recommend manually replacing the approver in drafts, pending, and rejected requisitions with custom for this requisition flows. If the deleted approver isn’t replaced, they will be skipped in the approval chain and the flow will not be blocked.

💡If you're a hiring manager, you may consider enabling the Requisitions are reviewed notification, which is disabled by default. It will allow you to track all approvers' decisions in your requisitions. To enable this, go to Settings > My account > Notifications.

Once your requisition has been approved, the status will change to Approved, meaning it can be assigned to one or more jobs.

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