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In Recruitee, you can enable direct job promotion campaigns using existing premium job board contracts.

💡 Currently, only the LinkedIn contract is available. Contracts for other job boards will be added soon.

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Configure contracts

Adding a contract is a simple process. With the following steps, you can easily authenticate and add your contract to your Recruitee account:

1. Go to Acquisition > Contracts and click Configure next to a supported job board.

💡 The contract logic rules specify that each company can only have one contract per contract channel (job board). Your LinkedIn Recruiter account needs to have a valid Premium Job Posting contract.

2. Click the Initialize authentication button to start configuring your contract.

3. Adjust the Job poster by selecting the Edit option.

4. Select a default job poster from the dropdown menu.

📌 Delete and select your name again from the Job poster field as per the below image.

5. To complete the authentication process, add your Company ID and click Add contract.

6. Once you complete the authentication process, you can start creating your contract campaigns in the Jobs section.

Creating a campaign

1. Navigate to the Jobs section, and select a job offer to create the contract campaign.

2. After selecting a job offer, go to the Job Boards tab, and click the + button to activate the contract.

3. Click the Create campaign button to begin the process.

4. Click Create campaign.

5. Include any additional information required by the contract and click Continue.

6. Adjust the job details and click Continue.

7. Before publishing any campaign, please thoroughly review the job details for accurate information and click Continue.

💡 Important: a logo is required to create a new job campaign.

8. Proceed with the Confirm order contract campaign to publish and promote the job.

9. The campaign is now created.

10. The campaign is now online.

Campaign summary

To check your campaign status, select the campaign tile.

This page provides a brief overview of your campaign, including job details, additional information, and a summary. In the summary block, once the campaign status is online, you can click the Open button to be redirected to the Job Board platform.

Removing a contract

If there are any active campaigns linked to a contract, the contract cannot be removed. In such cases, a modal will appear, informing the user that the active campaigns must End campaigns first before the contract can be removed.

However, if there are no active campaigns associated with the contract, a confirmation modal will appear, enabling an easy process to proceed with removing the contract.

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