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FAQ - Job boards
Updated over a week ago

How long does it take to see updates in the job description on the job posting?

Recruitee will automatically send updates via an XML feed to all the free job boards you selected under the promote tab. Please note that it takes around 24 hours before these changes are visible.

Why is my job not showing on the job board?

1. Free job boards tend to allow for jobs to be present for approximately one month. Even before that, your job may begin to slowly lose traffic. In that case, you may wish to repost your job to the job boards in order to ensure visibility and gain more candidates.

2. If the job has been published through Recruitee recently but longer than 2 business days ago, it is most likely the case that the job board is not showing the job on purpose, because your job is not meeting the job boards' requirements. Please have a look at the job posting guidlines and update your job description accordingly. If your job post is not published on desired job board more than 48 hours after your update, please contact the job board's support team for further guidance.

3. When multiple locations are created for your job, separate job listings will be sent to most job boards for each location. If job boards are available in specific countries (e.g. ArbeitNow for Germany), only job postings that passed the validation are sent.

Why are my jobs posted on premium job boards even though I didn't opt to promote them there?

The Job postings were likely scraped by the job board and promoted automatically. The postings are free but have lower visibility than the premium campaign.

If you wish to increase the job posting visibility, we highly reccomend creating a job promotion campaign as described in this article.

How does LinkedIn Basic Jobs work?

By selecting this option under the Job Boards tab, it will allow posting your job offer from Recruitee to LinkedIn's free job board, just like Indeed.

You can read more about LinkedIn's Basic Jobs here.

This is a free option. You also have a paid option to start a specialized targeted campaign with LinkedIn as well. However, this is done under the Acquisition section, or by selecting the New Campaign button under "Acquisition campaigns". If you are new to campaigns, you can find out more here.

LinkedIn will prioritize the paid job offers over the free ones.

From LinkedIn:

- "Job Slots have greater visibility across LinkedIn, promoted in job searches and distributed across the platform via targeted recommendations in the LinkedIn feed, Jobs tab, and Notifications."

Essentially, a paid job offer on LinkedIn will have more visibility than a free one.

LinkedIn also has this FAQ section that might help with any additional questions you may have.

Why does LinkedIn show more applicants applied than I received in Recruitee?

LinkedIn's applicant count isn't exactly tied to the actual number of applicants. Allow me to elaborate.

On the job posting, when a potential candidate clicks on the Apply button, they are redirected to the application form on your Careers site. Whether the potential candidate completes the application on your Careers site or not, LinkedIn has no way of knowing what action was taken once the candidate left their site.

Instead, LinkedIn will place a prompt on their site asking for feedback from the potential candidates asking if they applied. The feedback here will determine the applicant count on their site.

No response to the prompt and navigating away from LinkedIn will also result in this number incrementing upon return.

Nevertheless, the number of applicants stated by LinkedIn isn't always exactly accurate. It does not coincide with the number of potential candidates that actually submitted an application.

Rest assured that any successfully submitted application will generate a candidate profile within the pipeline for you and your team to review!

How do I refresh my job on job boards?

In order to repost your jobs to your chosen job boards, please follow these steps:

1. Close each job.

2. Duplicate each closed job.

3. Bulk move candidates from the closed jobs to the new jobs (if applicable).

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