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How to create a job promotion campaign
How to create a job promotion campaign
Attract candidates by reaching them at the right time on the premium channels that match your jobs.
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In the Acquisition section, you create campaigns to promote your job posting to the channels that will get you the most relevant talent.

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Create a new campaign

1. Go to the Acquisition section and click New Campaign.

2. Select the job you want to start a promotional campaign for and give your campaign a name for easy reference.

3. Select your target audience. Choose what kind of candidates you’d like your job posting to reach.

4. Choose the channels you want to promote your job to.

💡 Do you have a specific channel in mind for your campaign that’s not shown on the list? You can always search for it in the All channels tab to find your favorites and add any additional channels.

5. Check and create your job ad. Write or edit your job description just like you would on your own careers site, and be sure to include a summary.

💡 Premium job posts are being checked by our partner network to ensure quality, and therefore, it can take several working days for your campaign to be approved after payment.

6. Choose a payment method and pay for the campaign. Fill in your payment details to complete your order.

Once your payment has been confirmed, your campaign will be set live after the selected channels are processed. You can check the details of your campaign by clicking the campaign in your dashboard.

Campaign statuses

For each of your job promotion campaigns, you'll see information about its current status. Here are the campaign statuses that you might see:

  • Draft: the campaign was created and saved.

  • Payment pending: the payment is being processed.

  • Paid: the payment has been processed but waiting for the campaign to go live.

  • Online: the campaign is running.

  • Offline: the campaign has expired or has been manually taken offline.

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