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Why is my job posting being rejected?
Why is my job posting being rejected?

Why your job postings may be rejected from being posted on free job boards

Updated over a week ago

If your job posting is lacking certain elements, it can result in it being rejected from the job boards. You can see this in a job under the Job boards tab.

The job boards need to be able to see that your job is, in fact, a real job that you are advertising. Most job boards therefore require certain elements. To minimize the risk of your posting being rejected, please follow these guidelines:

Have a clear job title

The title needs to be the name of the job, rather than a description. For example, the job title “Sales Manager”, rather than “Make over €45,000 a year.” The first example is a clear and acceptable job title to the job boards, whereas the second example is a description of the job. Exclamation marks or job titles in all caps may also lead to your job being rejected.

Write an original, extensive job description

Not only will a job description that is original and extensive appeal to candidates, but job boards require the job ad to properly describe the job.

Provide clear job requirements

Both the job description and the job requirements are mandatory fields for the job boards. Providing clear job requirements will result in more qualified candidates applying to the job opening and decrease the chance of your job being rejected.

Open applications and other postings not actively hiring

Job postings not actively recruiting for a specific position are not accepted by job boards, including open applications, event invites, learning programs, etc.

Do not ask candidates to apply via email or an external link

Adding an email address or external link to your job description and asking your candidates to send their application to you directly is not only against job board guidelines but also means more work for you. Candidates land directly in Recruitee when they apply via a job board or your careers site, which decreases your workload, increases candidate experience, and ensures that all screening questions are answered.

Duplicate jobs

Duplicating jobs in Recruitee will automatically add the word ‘Copy’ at the end so be sure to remove this before publishing your job on job boards.

What's next?

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