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Creating job descriptions and requirements in Recruitee using AI
Creating job descriptions and requirements in Recruitee using AI
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You can create job descriptions with Recruitee’s built-in AI-writing tool, which allows you to generate engaging descriptions quickly and easily.

💡 AI is growing rapidly, but it’s not perfect. We recommend that all descriptions and requirements be reviewed by a human.

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Create new jobs using AI for job descriptions and requirements

To use AI to help you create a job description and requirements for a new job:

1. Go to Jobs and click + New job. Select whether you are creating a job from scratch or duplicating an existing job.

2. You will be taken to the Job posting page. There are two sections where you can use AI: for the job description and job requirements. They both work the same way, and you can follow the same steps to use both.

3. Click Create with AI to be prompted to agree to OpenAI’s terms and conditions and create a job description or requirements.

4. Once you click I agree, you will be taken to the prompt, asking you to explain what kind of description you want to create. Give the prompt the information you would like to be included in the job description and/or requirements, and click Create.

📌 Some information like the job title, company name, and department name will be pre-filled into the prompt if that information is already provided on the job details page.

5. You can then review the job description or requirements given by OpenAI. Click Insert to use for the job.

6. Review and edit the job description and/or requirements to match the role you’re hiring for and your company before publishing.

7. Continue to fill out the rest of the details for the job and save or publish your new job.

📌 If you aren’t happy with the results, click Ask again. By asking again, you will lose all previously created text. To keep the text, you can select Copy text before discarding it.

Edit current jobs using AI for job descriptions and requirements

You can edit a job description or requirement for a current open role. To use AI to do this:

1. Go to the job you’d like to edit and click the job edit button at the top of the page. You’ll be directed to the Job posting page.

2. Follow steps 2-6 in Create new jobs using AI for job descriptions and requirements to use AI to create job descriptions and requirements for your role.

Which data is sent to OpenAI

OpenAI will only receive data that has been input into the prompt.

You can find relevant links to OpenAI’s terms of use, usage policies, and more below:

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