Posting basic jobs on LinkedIn
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With Recruitee, you can promote your published jobs on LinkedIn.

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Posting basic jobs on LinkedIn

You can manually publish your jobs on LinkedIn.

1. Go to the job you want to promote and select the Job boards tab.

2. Click Publish next to LinkedIn.

📌 To post your jobs to LinkedIn, we require additional authentication. Provide your LinkedIn Company ID by creating a credential for LinkedIn Basic Jobs.

💡When multiple locations are created for your job, (up to seven) separate job listings will be sent to LinkedIn for each location. However, LinkedIn will ignore all other locations if remote is selected.

What are LinkedIn Basic Jobs?

Basic Jobs (formerly LinkedIn Limited Postings) are job posts gathered by LinkedIn to create a comprehensive job-seeking experience for LinkedIn members. They are visible to candidates actively conducting a job search when viewing a company's LinkedIn Page.

💡 Learn more in LinkedIn's help center.

You can follow these steps on your LinkedIn company page to find the required Company ID.

1. Go to your LinkedIn company page and select the Jobs tab.

2. Under Recently posted Jobs, click See all Jobs.

3. You can now find the Company ID in the URL of the page.

💡 Learn more in LinkedIn's FAQ.

Manage LinkedIn job board credentials

Go to Marketplace > Categories > Job advertising to set up your LinkedIn credentials.

📌 To edit these settings, your hiring role must have permission to Manage credentials.

Click Settings next to LinkedIn Basic Jobs. Here, you can add, delete, and edit credentials.

Adding credentials

1. Click + Add credential.

2. Name your credential, fill in the required information, and click Add credential.

💡 When you activate the LinkedIn RSC integration, Recruitee will automatically create a new credential using the connected LinkedIn Company ID. Your existing credential will also be renamed to LinkedIn RSC and will not be able to be edited or deleted.

Editing credentials

1. Click the Pencil icon next to the credential you want to edit.

2. Update the information and click Save.

Deleting credentials

1. Click the Delete icon for the credential you want to delete.

2. Confirm by clicking Delete credential.

Why is my job posting not on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn validates every job posting. Please ensure that your LinkedIn Company ID and the Job location in your Job posting are set up correctly.

There are several reasons why a Basic Job may not appear on LinkedIn:

  • The job is already posted on your LinkedIn Page as a paid job via Recruiter, Job Wrapping, or the Job Posting widget. Please check the Jobs tab on your company's LinkedIn Page to confirm if the same job has been published already.

  • You may have opted out of job ingestion from any third-party site.

  • Jobs posted on LinkedIn may be selected to undergo LinkedIn's jobs review process and must meet their guidelines as part of their commitment to professionalism and integrity. If jobs do not meet the guidelines, they may be marked as spam.

💡 Job Wrapping is a service which LinkedIn fully manages. Recruitee does not have control over what information is displayed as it does not integrate with our job details.

What do I do if I still need help with the jobs not publishing?

You can contact LinkedIn Support for more information if you still have problems with the jobs not publishing.

💡 LinkedIn has a policy on the content formatting of job postings. You can also contact LinkedIn for questions regarding incorrect job posting details.

Share the following details with LinkedIn's support team:

Our jobs from our ATS partner integration are not visible on LinkedIn:

1. ATS Name (JAM Source): SJP-Recruitee-"Employer Name"

2. Employer Name: Exact company name as on the job

3. Job Posting ID (JAM Reference Number): Recruitee's External Job Posting ID

4. Job Title: Job Title as on the job

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