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LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration
LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration
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In Recruitee, you can connect to LinkedIn Recruiter and seamlessly sync real-time candidate data, streamlining workflows and eliminating tedious tasks, freeing you up to forge better connections with qualified candidates.

💡 RSC is available for all Recruiter Corporate or Recruiter Professional Service (RPS) seats as part of your Recruiter License. Recruiter Lite Customers are not eligible for RSC. Learn more in LinkedIn's help center.

In this article:

Setting up the integration

On LinkedIn

1. Log in to your LinkedIn Recruiter account. You should see a (LinkedIn) Recruiter icon in your account.

📌 To set up the RSC integration, users must have Admin or Product Settings permissions on their Recruiter contract. Permissions in RSC are based on permissions in Recruiter, view the full list of who can access RSC features based on a user’s license and permissions in Recruiter.

💡This help article uses a Recruitee by Tellent test account for demonstration purposes. You should see your own LinkedIn profile instead.

2. If you do not have the required permission, ask your company admin who has the LinkedIn contract to enable this integration for you or assign you the role.

In Recruitee

Activating the integration

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > Sourcing and select LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC).

2. Click on Integrate to open the LinkedIn Onboarding Widget and go to Choose integrations.

💡If you have more than one contract, go to Change contract to select the right contract.

3. Select the checkbox next to Recruiter System Connect to enable this integration, and click on Save changes at the bottom. You can also choose to enable multiple LinkedIn integrations here.

This page may reload several times until LinkedIn enables this integration.

4. Once the integration is enabled, the initial historical sync with LinkedIn RSC starts.

💡This sync sends all historical candidate data to LinkedIn. This includes candidate job applications, notes, application stages, interview feedbacks. It also syncs all existing published and internal jobs for candidate export. It may take several hours for large companies to complete the synchronization.

5. While the system is waiting for its activation, you can manually refresh the status by clicking the Notify partner button and closing this widget.

6. Your LinkedIn RSC integration has been activated.

📌 To remove this integration, you must contact LinkedIn customer support.

Connecting to a personal LinkedIn account

Each team member must first connect their personal LinkedIn account so they can:

  • view candidate LinkedIn profiles in Recruitee

  • see a list of job offers in the Export to ATS feature on LinkedIn Recruiter

  • see candidate application history in the ATS tab on LinkedIn Recruiter

1. Click Connect account to initiate the process.

2. Authorize your Recruitee company with your LinkedIn account.

3. Your personal LinkedIn account has been connected. You can also manage this account under its settings.

Sourcing candidate from LinkedIn Recruiter

1. Find the candidate's LinkedIn profile and click View in Recruiter to enter the LinkedIn Recruiter view.

2. Click on the three dots below the candidate information, and select Export to ATS to initiate the process.

3. A window opens on the right side with information from your Recruitee account.

In the Job name, type in a few words to start searching for the job offers.

💡You will only see the job offers for which you have permission. Check with your admin to enable access to more jobs for you in Recruitee.

Source candidate through LinkedIn Inmail

2. Find your connected Recruitee company and click on Edit to enable the InMail stub profile in the list of features.

3. When contacting a candidate for the first time, Recruiters can initiate an InMail message that prompts the candidate to share their contact information.

💡The integration automatically creates a candidate profile in Recruitee if this candidate is new. Otherwise, it will update the existing profile with shared contact information. This synchronization happens every 10 minutes.

Reviewing sourced candidate in Recruitee

1. Search for your Candidate in Recruitee, or through the job offer you exported to.

2. Open the candidate profile and go to the LinkedIn tab.

If the candidate is matched with the wrong LinkedIn profile, you can click on Wrong person's profile? and then unlink it.

LinkedIn RSC will suggest similar profiles, but you can also search for a new one by adding a job title or company.

Sync candidate data with LinkedIn Recruiter

The initial sync will synchronize the following data from all existing candidates in Recruitee:

1. Recruiters can continue to add and manage candidate data on their profiles in Recruitee.

📌 Please always make sure that there is a LinkedIn profile linked in the LinkedIn tab.

2. The integration will sync all supported data on the matched candidate's LinkedIn profile in LinkedIn Recruiter.

💡This data will be automatically removed if the candidate has been deleted in Recruitee.

What personal data does Recruitee send to LinkedIn RSC?

This integration allows admins to restrict access for different roles in their teams. Each user will only see a list of job offers they have permission to in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Besides the job posting details of existing published and internal jobs, we also sync the following data:

Data received from LinkedIn Recruiter

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