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How to resolve mailbox connection issues?
How to resolve mailbox connection issues?
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Sometimes your mailbox can get disconnected, and this may have different reasons. You can follow these troubleshooting tips in cases like these.

Re-syncing your mailbox

Most of the time, re-syncing your mailbox will resolve the issues you are experiencing.

When we cannot connect to your mailbox, its status will be Disconnected. You can then try and reconnect it by clicking the button on the right.

You can also follow these steps to manually resync your mailbox:

1. Manually disconnect your synced mailbox via these instructions.

2. Follow the steps in this article (depending on your email provider) to sync your mailbox again.

If you are unable to re-sync your mailbox (For example, if you are getting an error message), have a look at the following tips:

Connection issues with Gmail

  • Your Google account might have been updated, e.g., you changed your Google password. When trying to re-sync, ensure you’re using the correct credentials – check if you can log into your Google account with the same credentials.

  • Your Google account settings regarding Third-party apps may have changed. Check if Recruitee is allowed access to your Google account with this Google support article.

Connection issues with Outlook

  • What version of Outlook do you use? Recruitee can only fully support Office 365 and Outlook Live. If your Outlook servers are not cloud-based (e.g., Exchange On-Premises), you might not be able to sync them with Recruitee.

  • Your Microsoft account may have been updated; for example, you changed your Microsoft password or enabled 2FA (two-factor authentication). Please try to re-sync, making sure you are using the correct credentials - check if you can log into your Microsoft account with the same credentials.

  • Check if your Microsoft account allows Recruitee to access your data.

    In Outlook Online, you can follow these steps to check:

    1. Click on your profile

    2. Click on My Microsoft Account

    3. Go to Privacy > Apps and services that can access your data

    4. Check if Recruitee is listed/blocked there

Connection issues with Other mailboxes

  • Your email provider credentials may have been updated. When trying to re-sync, ensure you’re using the correct credentials (username/password / IMAP / SMTP). ⚠️ Recruitee does not support POP3 connections.

  • Make sure you’re ticking both SSL connection boxes when trying to connect:

  • Your email server configuration may be causing connection issues. Get in touch with your IT department and ensure your email server uses StartTLS / TLS / SSL or no security protocol.

If you’re still having trouble re-connecting your mailbox or have additional questions, please contact our Support team via the chat.

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