Recruitee's privacy and security for syncing mailboxes

The mailbox syncing works two-way: All your emails with candidates in your Recruitee Mailbox will show up in your own mailbox and all your emails with candidates in your own mailbox will show up in your Recruitee Mailbox. 

The system will only scan the headers ("To", "From", "Subject") of your emails with candidates to sync between mailboxes. It doesn't read any of the email content.

All your email communication with candidates is temporarily stored in Recruitee. All of it will be removed once you delete your Job(s). We never use or sell any of your data.


  • Because the syncing works two-ways, please DO NOT add your own email (that is synced to your Recruitee Mailbox) to a candidate profile in your company account. When you do that, all email communication between your own email and other emails registered as users in your company account might get synced to your Recruitee Mailbox. All emails sent from your own email that have the same "To", "From", or "Subject" field might get synced to your Recruitee Mailbox as well.
  • Because the system only scans the "To", "From", and "Subject" fields of emails for syncing, please be careful of forwarding your email correspondence with candidates to someone else (e.g. your colleague) and having them reply back to you. By default, when you forward an email from your Recruitee Mailbox, the system will turn the forwarded email into a new thread that is not attached to any candidate profile. When you reply back to the candidate, please carefully select the right thread to reply from, and avoid sending the candidate the email thread that has the other person's opinion on them.
  • When a Job is archived, the synchronization between your own mailbox and candidates in that Job will stop. So if a candidate has been hired, it's best to archive the Job they're in to prevent further email communication between them and your synced email from appearing in your Recruitee Mailbox.
  • If you use Recruitee with other team members, DO NOT sync all your Recruitee email addresses to one email address, like If you do that, the system will not know where to connect incoming emails to in Recruitee – your account or one of your team members'. That might result in incoming emails to not being synced to Recruitee at all. If you want to forward CVs from to your Recruitee Mailbox, read more here.

Sync your Gmail to Recruitee mailbox

1. Click "Settings" on the left menu. 

2. Under "My account", click "Profile".

3. Click the "Email settings" tab.

4. Under the "Email provider" section, click the "Activate" button in the "Google Gmail" tab.

5. Click the "Connect" button. 

4. You will be redirected to Google's connect page with further instructions from Google. Please follow them.

Sync your Outlook (and any other mailbox) to Recruitee mailbox

1. Click "Settings" on the left menu. 

2. Under "My account", click "Profile".

3. Click the "Email settings" tab.

4. Under the "Email provider" section, click the "Activate" button in the "Any other mailbox" tab.

5. Fill out your email address of the mailbox you want to sync, along with your username, password, and SMTP and IMAP settings.

If you aren't sure what to do with the settings, contact your email provider or our support. We will do our best to help you.

NOTE: If you want to sync your Recruitee Mailbox with a dedicated on-site mail server, you'll just need to get the IMAP/SMTP connection from the server. We support connecting with custom inboxes via this type of connection.

4. Click "Connect".

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