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Organize your candidates with tags
Organize your candidates with tags

Gather valuable data that'll help you improve your talent acquisition strategy. Tag candidates and jobs.

Updated over a week ago

Here at Recruitee we have a set of tags that we use as the "voice of our candidates" i.e. the people we recruit. Depending on what they tell us, we'll tag them as “Senior", "Support", "Amsterdam", etc. or the hiring stage they're in like "on-site", "phone screen", and so on.

Sometimes we'll get even more specific with our tags for candidates, like "cancellation term of 2 months". When you're ready to review your candidates and move to your next hiring phase, you can revisit your tags and sources. There, the candidates and jobs you've tagged will be all in one place. 

If you and your team are tagging consistently over time, you'll acquire valuable data that will directly inform how your talent acquisition strategy evolves. 

Make your tags memorable

You’ll likely have lots of candidates to keep track of. So it’s important to add as much context as possible to each new tag you create. For example, instead of naming your tag simply "Customer Success" you can add the location and preferred starting date so it reads something like "March_2019_Customer _Success." This will help you find and manage tags you created during a specific time period later on, when you're revisiting roles or reconsidering strong candidates from the past.

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