1. Click "Settings" on the left menu > "Workflow" > "Tags & Sources".

2. You will see all the tags and Source tags used in your company account in alphabetical order.

3. You can click the tab "Tag" or "Source" to switch between your tags and Source tags respectively.

See all candidates with a tag/Source tag

Click the number of a tag/Source tag to see all candidates having that tag/Source tag.

Edit a tag/Source tag's name

Click the pencil icon of a tag/Source tag to edit its name. 

The change will apply immediately to all candidates having that tag/Source tag.

Delete a tag/Source tag

Click the checkbox next to a tag/Source tag > Click "Delete" > Confirm your action.

NOTE: When you delete a tag/Source tag, you permanently delete all of its data in Recruitee. This action CANNOT be undone. The deleted tag/Source tag CANNOT be restored.

Merge tags/Source tags

Click the checkboxes next to the tags/Source tags you want to merge > Click "Merge".

Type the name of the merged tag/Source tag > Click "Merge".

The candidates with the old tag/Source tag will be updated with the new (merged) tag/Source tag.

If a tag and a Source tag have the same name, you can't merge them. You can only merge tags with tags and Source tags with Source tags.

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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