Your team will deal with a range of candidates as well as positions you are - from medior candidates, to design positions, to locations. A good recruitment team not only hires fast, but they’ll go one step further and tag each candidate. Over time, you’ll then gather a great store of valuable information about every single candidate and position - and it will all be easily searchable later. 

By tagging your jobs, as well as your candidates, and sharing your findings, you can make sure the right feedback is available to the right people in your company.

Manage your tags

Visit Settings on the left menu > Workflow > Tags & Sources. You will see all the tags used in your company account in alphabetical order.

You can see your tags for candidates, jobs and sources.

See all candidates with a tag

Click the number of a tag to see all candidates having that tag.

How to edit or delete a tag

You can easily edit a tag by visiting Settings > Workflow > Tags & Sources. Then, just select the pencil icon next to the tag. 

Or if you don’t need a tag anymore, select it and press Delete.

Important: When you delete a tag/Source tag, you permanently delete all of its data in Recruitee.

Merge tags

Click the checkboxes next to the tags you want to merge and click 'Merge' after typing the name of the new tag.

The candidates with the old tag will be updated with the new merged tag.

Important: If a tag and a Source tag have the same name, you can't merge them. You can only merge tags with tags and Source tags with Source tags.

What’s next? 

You can also tag your jobs to help you identify the most important trends in your talent acquisition strategy. This guide will help you keep track of hiring trends and feedback.

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